May you get cancelled out by the dismay! THAT rimes ! Ha Ha !
66, Retarded64: Yeti's Black Day
66 (also known as 13666 or The Casualty Spreader) is a villain who serves as the main antagonist of the Retarded64: Yeti's Black Day episode. He's a dusky Paragoomba who can retreat his wings at will.



  • It's unknown how 66 could be 72300 years old, however he may be psychic.

Moral Event Horizon

  1. Trying to destroy the universe just to have Yoshi be scared.
  2. Spreading bad luck in hopes of killing everyone, which succeeds (e.g Mace is killed by getting a stone on his head by walking under a ladder, Mak is killed by tripping over a black puss and drowning in the ocean).
  3. Misusing and misemploying Luigi to freeze Waluigi and Bowser. 


Current Age 7,2300
Gender Virile
Species Goomba
Living Town Unknown
Main Weapon(s) Ambs-Ace Stick

Mishap Spreader

Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Spreading breakdown
Alias(es) 13

The Casualty Spreader