Ashley is a boss in Super Mario 64 Bloopers - Quest for the Acronices. She's a witch-in-training who lives in Diamond City. She is the primary boss of Cold Countryhouse (because why not?).


These are her stats.

  • HP: 1,800
  • ATK: 4
  • POW: 60
  • DEF: 8
  • SPEED: 100
  • SKILL: 80
  • MAG: 2,000
  • RES: 300
  • EXP: 20,000
  • COINS: 600,0000

Possible attacks:

  • Roll The Dice - Ashley points her wand at a party member and casts a random spell. The spell inflicts 10 damage and causes a status effect as well. This move, however, can backfire and do the same thing to Ashley.
  • Sleep - Ashley casts a sleeping spell... on herself. "Ha ! That's stupid !" you may say, until you realize that each of her turns of being asleep heals 75% of her HP. Darn.
  • Freeze - Ashley turns you into an ice cube. You can't move for a few turns.
  • Lightning - Ashley has lightning electrize you. 
  • Shrinkalonus Smallagus - You get shrunk by a magic spell! All stats decrease! Uh oh! WITHER, I SHRUNK THE HEROES! (Wither: WHAT?)
  • Dizzinator - Ashley attacks with a small explosion, dealing 30 damage and making you dizzy.

Battle Arena Exclusive Attacks:

  • Boom. - Ashley makes you explode. BOOM ! There goes all your HP ! Have fun losing your most powerful party member ! Yeah ! only has a TWINTY-FIVE PERCENT CHANCE OF HITTING.
  • Ice Wall - Ashley puts up an Ice Wall, increasing her defense.


Ashley looks like she does in the WarioWare series.


  • Her boss theme is the Smash Bros. remix of her song without the lyrics.
  • So far, she is the only boss not weak to magic.

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