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BG Rangers to get a job is a blooper starring BG Rangers.

This is the first time they are the main characters, since they appear only when there are various shy guys or when someone is in trouble.

The main plot is that Blue BG ranger is tired of doing everything for everyone, without getting a single coin. Green bg ranger agrees, and now they are doing everything to get paid. But the problem is, nobody will pay them...And they will get crazy for that!

Characters (in order of appearence)

  1. Blue bg ranger
  2. Luigi (cameo)
  3. Green bg ranger
  4. Shy guy
  5. General guy
  6. Mario (cameo)
  7. Bowser


  • Bowser is the only character that actually pays them.
  • Shy guy pays them with a toast, but get it back. Nobody knows why.
  • In a removed scene, green bg ranger was the one that was going to say that he wanted to get paid.

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