• Bill The Smart Guy 2005

    My Plans For Season 11 For Now.

    Season 11 Episode 7: Tailsko & ChaosCroc V.S Everyone!!!!

    Season 11 Episode 15: Teletubbies & Boohbah's

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  • Withersoul 235

    So guys, Crash, Thomas and me decided to make a SM64 Bloopers game. A real one. So, if anybody got ideas, put 'em here.


    1. No cybermobbing or digital bullying.
    2. No spam
    3. No vandalism
    4. No joke ideas, unless it's so good and hilarious, we can implement it.
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  • Withersoul 235

    Attention !

    October 27, 2015 by Withersoul 235

    I've made an update on the nametags of important users. Such as the generic "Admin", well, i replaced them. How ?

    Via MediaWiki. But you need my permission to do so.

    Founder = The Imperator

    Admin = YouTuber

    Bureaucrat = Registrar (it's a real word, believe me)

    Chat Modertor = Chat Commander

    Blocked = Kicked Out

    How do you like those ? I'd like to hear your opinion.

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  • Withersoul 235


    July 16, 2015 by Withersoul 235


    Please only add the categories "Games" and "Fanon Games" to pages that actually ARE games, not subpages with characters, gamemodes, etc...

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  • FoggyGlasses55


    February 20, 2015 by FoggyGlasses55

    It's not me to criticize this wiki, but...


    It's not like anyone really takes this wiki seriously, anymore, either.  But still.

    You do not need to add so many categories to articles.  Really?  "Sadists"?  "People who hate Starman3"?  "Former Youtubers"?

    And what's worse, the admins add too many badge tracks.  Half of them are redundant and the other half basically eliminates each other due to them being synonyms or differently grammatical words that mean the same thing.

    And please add a template.

    And so, I only have one thing to say about this wiki...

    Really messy.

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  • Withersoul 235

    The Mystic Badge

    December 14, 2014 by Withersoul 235

    Hi guys ! 

    I'll be hosting a contest.

    As everyone knows, almost every single blooper maker or non-YouTuber with a color code (excluding myself, i'm not egocentric), has his own badge here (including even ones from who i don't know the name). But i bet you didn't find...

    ...The Mystic Badge.

    There's a hidden achievement of the only famous blooper maker that you haven't came across with on a achievement. He appears on only one badge.

    The only way to obtain the Achievement is by making 100 rightful edits on this wiki in 24 hours.

    Who gets it first (who spams edits or inserts useless facts to obtain it is blocked) gets a plaudit from us !

    Let the race begin !

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  • Marx422

    150 pages!

    December 6, 2014 by Marx422

    What should we do to celebrate ?

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  • Crash Kandicoot

    I joined YTR

    November 11, 2014 by Crash Kandicoot

    YTR is getting down.

    Starman3 and Diapolo are one of the few there, so i contacted Diapolo to ask to join. He said that he said that he allow me to join, and he says that if i had skype, it would be very helpful to contact him and SM3.

    I guess i'm more than a SM64 machinimist now...Maybe my videos can even be more popular.

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  • Crash Kandicoot

    OMG 5,000th POST!

    October 28, 2014 by Crash Kandicoot



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  • Crash Kandicoot

    Send me a Script

    October 25, 2014 by Crash Kandicoot

    So hi gusy

    I have Fraps and Sony Vegas now, so i can use Green Screen now. So i made this blog post to say that: Write a script for a SM64 blooper, and send it to me. I'll read it and i'll make this blooper real! But i'll choose only 1 script. The one i like better, is the one i'll choose. (keep in mind it don't have anything to do with MY bloopers)

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  • Crash Kandicoot

    This wiki is DED

    October 5, 2014 by Crash Kandicoot

    Just to wake people up.

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  • ThomasGaming64

    Hi guys! I've been really busy with other stuff lately and hardly editing here at all. I have decided to leave. NOT forever, only for a while. I don't know when I'll come back to edit and stuff, but take care while I'm gone.

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  • Crash Kandicoot

    Here, getting badges seems hard, but all you need to do is check some of the badges you can earn.

    At your profile, you'll see a bar showing your rank in the wiki, (SM64BF) and below there are badges you can earn. for example:


    Post a message at someone else page. (0/1)


    Yes, it's very easy to do so. but sometimes you'll see some like that:


    make 250 edits on articles (0/250)


    Yes, that's VERY hard. but i have made 100 edits on articicles, and is pretty easy.

    TheThomas is in the 1st place in the ranking, Because he likes the wiki and create fanon characters for fun. Make fanon characters. earn badges…

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  • Crash Kandicoot

    Favorite SM64 Blooper

    September 3, 2014 by Crash Kandicoot

    Mine are:

    Ssenmodnar 7

    Luigi's big moment

    Mario for hire


    there are more, but i can't remember.

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  • Withersoul 235


    August 17, 2014 by Withersoul 235

    As you know, EmigaRaptor and Syran Arab Army, as well a Wikia Contributor, spammed and vandalized the wiki alot. That's why i ask all of you to revert all edits and renames by them. Thank you for your attention.

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  • Marx422


    August 5, 2014 by Marx422

    We have over 100 pages now. This would have never happened without the help of the wiki's contributors (aside from Lady Lostris (she only reverted vandalism) and BarabbaDingDong). So i want to thank everyone to make this a great wiki.

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  • ThomasGaming64

    Hi there. Starting tomorrow, I will be on here less often. I have to go to secondary school. I don't want to, but I have to. 

    May 26, 2014 - August 4, 2014: Very often on this wiki, probably almost everyday.

    August 5, 2014 - present: Less often on this wiki, not as much as the past months.

    I know, it might be a little too early to post this blog, but I just wanted to let you know before tomorrow. I would like to thank you all of you guys, especially Withersoul 235, Marx422, YetiTheAwesomeGuy, Crash Kandicoot, Ultraduckguy4, MarioFan5050 and SonicFan13 for giving me a great time on here, but remember, today is the last day I will be on here a lot until next summer. It means a lot to me and I've always enjoyed editing and posting ideas for bloop…

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  • SonicFan54321


    August 2, 2014 by SonicFan54321

    How many people are in this wiki?

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  • Withersoul 235

    Be sure to help out with Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame please, send your suggestions in the comments. That Triple Headed Bloke who's here to help expanding this wiki O_o (talk) 12:41, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

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  • MarioFan7070


    June 21, 2014 by MarioFan7070

    Please can I be admin? Please?

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  • ThomasGaming64

    I need some plot ideas for the blooper, "The Preface", let me know if you have anything.

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  • YetiTheAwesomeGuy

    Hello guys. We need ideas for our bloopers. If you want to send an idea, just comment in this blog post and maybe we'll add it!

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