Blooper Kart: Road to Victory
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Developer(s) PhotoSwap889
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
July 8th, 2016
Single-and multiplayer

PEGI: 7+

Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers

Blooper Kart: Road to Victory is a racing game to be released on Wii U, as well as being the 2nd game of the SM64 Bloopers series to be a racing game, the first being Double Kart. This game includes anti-gravity from Mario Kart 8, the hang-gliding and underwater segments from Mario Kart 7, optional double-kart racing like in Double Dash, the Mission Mode from Mario Kart DS, and the 12-player races from Mario Kart Wii.


After accidentally crashing a kart, and then losing a race to the Spiny Shell, Mario quits racing and sits on the sidelines while Luigi and everyone else have all the fun. Meanwhile, a new villain was developing a special chemical that would intensify the waters in the Mushroom Kingdom, and flood Toad Town, forcing them away from the castle and putting him directly in front of an instant takeover. The only way to stop him is to take him on in a race.

Playable characters

See: Blooper Kart: Road to Victory/Characters


See: Blooper Kart: Road to Victory/Tracks

Game Modes

See: Blooper Kart: Road to Victory/Game Modes

Release date

  • Japan (July 8th, 2016)
  • Europe (August 11, 2016)
  • United States (August 13, 2016)


  • This is the second game in the Super Mario 64 Bloopers series to be released in Japan.
  • This is also the second game to be about racing.

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