Bloopers Island

Bloopers Island (2-2: Dinosaur Land)

Bloopers Island 2

2-3: Radiant Ramp

Bloopers Island is a mysterious island Mario went to in order to save Crash Kandicoot, who was captured by MechMario. After defeating MechMario and saving CK, they all leave Bloopers Island.


  • 2-1: International Rain-Forest
  • 2-2: Dinosaur Land
  • 2-King Boo: VS Tankz
  • 2-3: Radiant Ramp
  • 2-4: Video Boondocks
  • 2-King Boo 2: MechMario's Reprisal


  • Bloopers Island is the only world in the game where Kuromames don't appear.

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