Bluser is more likely a blue version of bowser.

He hates every other color that isn't blue, and 'automatically' hate someone that isn't blue. He do like people that are blue, like Geno.

He is a boss in Glitchy's adventure. His HP is 1000, and his psychopath message is 'Mhhh! Foolish colorful rivals!!'.


  • Lol

    Psychopath message

SMG4 is blue, and it don't make sense, since Bluser hate him, even being blue.

  • G

    SMG4 hitting Bluser. (note that Bluser don't get too much damage)

He have few appearences. None of these he was the main antagonist, only in Blue doomsday.

  • L

    SMG4 using the 'Psychopath' power to read Bluser's mind.

His spikes sometimes are blue.

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