Briette the Beautiful is the first episode of the Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers series.

Short Summary

Mario and co. attend an awards ceremony with the hottest lady in the world, but Dr. Pootis escapes from Mushroom City Prison and kidnaps her.


SMG4 and Luigi are watching DerpTV, when a commercial comes on for the 2017 Mushroom Beauty Awards. The Grand Prize winner is Briette G. D'Malo, and she and the other award winners will be present to receive their trophies. The rangers decide to attend the ceremony, which is being held at Mushroom City's Peach Theater.

Meanwhile, some cops are questioning the residents of Mushroom City on the whereabouts of Dr. Pootis, who escaped the prison and seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth.

(Add more to make this episode fully fleshed out!)

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