Crash Kandicoot

Old color code for reference

Crash Kandicoot is one of the primary characters, and aswell the main character in his own series; His appearence is a yellow-ish orange, with blue overrals, brown gloves and red shoes. He haves two color codes, the old one is fairly easy to notice how his colors are darker, his face is aswell, and his hair had some changes. In the new color code, his face is normal and colors were brighter.

General Information

Crash Kandicoot, started with Windows Movie Maker, to make the season 1's episodes, then he used Sony Vegas to make the other seasons. He now has over 100 videos.


  • In the first episode of season 3, he gets drunk and fakes his death.
  • Crash Kandicoot has developed numberous hacks, like Luigi's Island.
    • But since he was permabanned in SUPER MARIO WORLD CENTRAL, it's unlikely he will finish them.
  • His colors were based on Crash Bandicoot as well as the name, also for Neo Kortex.