Crystal Funhouse 2 is the 1st episode of the Bumper Series.


  • Mario: Seriously, dude. You brought us down this mine to see this moron?
  • SMG4: No, Mario. I want you to meet one of Le Princy Peachstool's hobo freinds. Here.
  • Bolbi: (Camera pans onto his face) SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!
  • SMG4: I could ask you the same thing, dorkface. What are you doing here?
  • Old Man: Uhh...
  • Bolbi: (Holds up gun) ON THE GROUND OR DIE! (Lunges at Old Man and rips it apart)
  • SMG4: Anyway, that 12 year old is what I want to show you.
  • Mario: Right... (Edges away)
  • Bolbi: Kill the fruitcake! (Cuts a fruitcake in half)

this frantic music plays

  • SMG4: (Wakes up in his bed and screams like a girl)

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