Da Supah Spookeh Scareh Robot (referred to as SMG3 as Da Supah! Spookeh ! Scareh ! Robooooooooooooooot !) is the final boss of Super Mario 64 Bloopers - Quest for the Acronices. It's a giant mecha-like, droid-eqsue robot remote-controlled by SMG3. It can also summon Bowser Androids, which resemble Bowser in appearance.


The robot first appeared in Scene 3: Send in the Clones (albeit shadowed), when Iggy asked what SMG3 was doing. He answered:

"Ehm, it's a metal, steel, iron contraption. But it's adult things that i need to speak to with your daddy, so, ehm, why not play with your KoopaBox ? I bought you "Goomba Simulator".

Iggy responds "Hey, i'm not a toddler anymore ! Fine, i'm out." and leaves.

Near the end of the game, in Chapter Genesis (the final scene in the game), after SMG3 is defeated, Luigi destroys the Devastrayonister. When they try to leave, though, SMG3 insists they turn around, and when they do, Da Supah Spookeh Scareh Robot stands in front of him, SMG3 standing on top of a tower controlling it with a remote. The gang then fights it. After it's defeat, the robot malfunctions. He then destroys the Bowser Androids, wrecks the Acronices, nullifies the Koopalings' magic powers (putting them to sleep due to the kids getting weakened because of their powers ebbing away), and then grabs a rocket launcher and kills himself, effectively undoing literally everything SMG3 did in the first place.


  • HP: 9999
  • ATK: 960
  • POW: 799
  • DEF: 900
  • SPEED: 680
  • SKILL: 100
  • MAG: 67
  • RES: 54
  • EXP: 12,500
  • COINS: 10,000

Da Supah Spookeh Scareh Robot has several attacks, and can summon up to six Bowser Androids at a time.


  • Submachine gun: The robot shoots the group with Uzis.
  • Rocket Launcher: The robot blasts the group with heat-seaking, homing missiles.
  • Ray: The robot fires a laser at the gang.
  • Plasma: The robot shoots the gang with plasma and electricity.
  • Sawblade: The robot turns it's arms into buzz saws, jackhammers and drills, and hits the group with it. Inflicts insane damage.
  • Black Hole: The robot creates a black hole.
  • Hammah: The robot smacks the gang with a giant, oversized metal hammer.
  • ... K, this is really brutal: The robot runs over the gang with a train, followed by a car, a bus, a high speed train, a metro and ultimately a tank.
  • Duplication: The robot summons Bowser Androids, which heal him, block attacks directed to him and attack the party.
  • Why does that guy have SO FREAKIN' MUCH attacks ?: The robot flies up and drops an anvil on a random party member, instantly killing him/her if not dodged correctly.


  • Due to his huge amount of attacks, Da Supah Spookeh Scareh Robot is the only boss in the game to not gain additional moves in any of the boss rushes.

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