Death is the sixth episode of Super Mario 64 Bloopers' sixth season. In it, SMG4 accidentally beats up Mario so badly, he must find a cure.


The story begins with Mario ordering twenty spaghettis with Crash Kandicoot's PayPal. When SMG4 finds out, he gets in quarrel with Mario. Mario flees to Isle Delfino's belfry. SMG4 finds him, though, and when Mario attempts to kick SMG4, the latter hits Mario on the head and launches him off the campanili. Mario lands next to Luigi, dead. 

Mario dead

Mario's corpse, Luigi looking shocked.

SMG4 immediately feels bad with what he had done to Mario, as his intention wasn't to go as far as killing Mario. SMG4 then asks Shy Guy to go with him to find the Power Stars to revive Mario. They go in the Jungle, and aftr twenty minutes of searching, they find the Star in a ?-Block. 

Upon returning, they find out Bowser has burnt Delfino Plaza. They quickly defeat Bowser, but lose the Star in the process.

Upon finding the Star back, they use it to revive Mario.

Mario dead2

Mario before his revival.

After Mario's revival, SMG4 apologigizes for what he did, to which Mario responses "Hey, where's the PayPal ?" It's then revealed that Mario was lying on it, resulting in an angry Crash chasing Mario.


  • Mario
  • SMG4
  • Shy Guy
  • Bowser
  • Crash Kandicoot (minor)
  • Luigi (cameo)

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