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Dectetive Mario (correct term would be Detective Mario, but mario calls himself that way.) Is a character/form of mario, As its name says, It is a detective form of mario.

Althrough he didn't appear so many times, he's a main character.


  • Dectetive Mario had a 'hat' , but after a few scenes, it simply disappeared. Now, he's hatless. As shown in the pic, he with his hat.
  • Dectetive Mario solved many cases (in a idiotic way) like the Missing nutella incident and the Lost Fridges.
  • His theme is the same as 007's theme.
  • When he is first shown, his name appears as 00M, ( Or 00Mario.), but the words "Dectetive Mario" appear and kick it away.
  • He nevers winks, for some reason.
  • His first appearence was in Dectetive Mario???!

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