Dectetive Mario (game)
Dectetive Mario Cover
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Developer(s) Crash Kandicoot

Withersoul 235

Platform(s) PS Vita
Genre(s) Puzzle
Teen (formerly)

K-A (current)

Series None

Dectetive Mario is a Philadelphia-exclusive educative puzzle-3D platformer that can only be played outside Philadelphia via winning it in contests.


Mario dresses up as Dectetive Mario and must solve puzzles.


Dectetive Mario is a crossover between Professor Layton and Super Mario 3D Land. If Mario touches a enemy, he must solve a puzzle, sometimes with a time limit. Failing or giving up results in a game over. There are six mysteries and some quiz puzzles are eductional. The game only contains bad language, but no mild cartoon violence. It's for players between 5-99. There are 111 puzzles and 40 quizzes.

Characters (currently)




  • Bowser - the main antagonist. He tries to get everyone busy with puzzles, then destroy the Mushroom Kingdom completely.
  • Nabbit - Nabbit may sometimes tries to snatch hint coins in a bag. Beating him in a jigsaw puzzle contest makes him give his loot back.

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