Dr. Shy Guy is the 44th episode of Season 1. In this episode, Shy Guy becomes a docter. Sadly for him, there's no toast allowed in the infermary, resulting into Shy Guy smuggling toast. Bowser also causes up for trouble.


Shy Guy reads in the newspaper that a psychian is asked for the sick ward. He signs up himself, not noticing toast is not allowed. He quickly smuggles toast in his sheet. Upon arriving, he sees the managing dierector; much to Shy Guy's dismay, this turns out to be Dr. Mario, Mario dressed like a medical man. Shy Guy starts working, then encounters two Fly Guys who have to be surgically operated to take phlegm out of their body. Shy Guy befriends them, but Bowser crashes in. Dr. Mario uses the Dr. Tornado but ends up making himself vertigo. Bowser attacks Shy Guy and throws thim trough the window, but the Fly Guys save him in time. Shy Guy flees. After the Fly Guys have been freed from their phlegm, Shy Guy decides to take them to the castle, but Bower blocks the entrance. He threathens to tell Dr. Mario that Shy Guy smuggled toast if the latter doesn't hand over the Fly Guys to him. Shy Guy is forced to do so. Later, the doctors come after him. Discovering that Bowser did tell the doctors despite Shy Guy handing over the Fly Guys, he flees. Meanwhile, Bowser, decides to sell the Fly Guys as janitors and bondslaves to get $497.000.000 in return. Shy Guy, however, crashes in the castle. Bowser calls the doctors again and tells them that Shy Guy has to be arrested due to toast smuggling in a place where toast isn't allowed. The doctors, however, arrest Bowser due to trafficking. Shy Guy returns home with his toast, stopping with his work because the Anti-Toast Rules.


  • Kazumi Totoka as Shy Guy and the Fly Guys
  • Kenny James as Bowser
  • Charles Martinet as (Dr.) Mario
  • Doctors (not voiced)


  • Shy Guy quitting just because toast isn't allowed further implies his toast addiction.  

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