Fairytale Adventures is a mini-series taking place within the main series. It is about a knight and his friends as they outwit terrible foes.


The series takes place in the Fairytale Kingdom, which, after the Great Story War, was divided into many sections. One of those sections, the kingdom of Midnight, became one of the few that still trained knights.

Sir Spaghetti, a good friend of the Prince, became a knight one day by slaying the evil dragon Skull. After the Prince's coronation, Sir Spaghetti became his right-hand man and served him loyally, even after the birth of his son.

However, the man was slain by the father of Yukke Bibinnia, Saedr. After the passing of the late knight's wife, their son was raised by the King, named Sir Spaghetti II when he was old enough. Spaghetti took an instant liking to the King's daughter, Princess Petunia.

In the present, Spaghetti wishes to prove he's worthy, but how exactly can one prove he's ready if one is a complete fool?



Sir Spaghetti II (Mario) - He might not have the brains, but he does have something else going for him; backup. Spaghetti's father left behind a legacy and hard footsteps to follow, so pressure took its toll on the knight-in-training. Despite the fact that he's dim-witted and a bit obsessed with food, Spaghetti has the best intentions and can usually pull out a genius strategy when all seems lost. If not, then Lady Luck will assist him.

Princess Petunia (Peach) - Losing her mother at an early age was tragic for Princess Petunia, but then misfortune struck again when she was much older. The princess was kidnapped by the evil wizard Nightmare and locked away in a tower. After being rescued by Sir Spaghetti II, Petunia was joyous, as she had liked him for a long time. Despite the fact that she couldn't avoid Nightmare, Petunia can hold her own against non-magical enemies, usually by whacking them on the head with a frying pan. And the princess might have a mysterious magic she herself doesn't know about...

Jack (Luigi) - There's a reason this simple farm boy bought magic beans. When his family farm failed, he wanted to learn magic to restore it to its former glory. Cowardly and shy, he's likely to run from a battle. But learning magic takes time, and he's one of the few patient enough to actually do something with magic. Eventually.

Nightmare (SMG3) - A Dark Wizard, Nightmare is famous for keeping girls in towers. Why? No one really knows yet. After his defeat at the hands of Sir Spaghetti II, the child of Nightmare's father's own nemesis, Nightmare swore revenge. After meeting Yukke Bibinnia, the two teamed up. They are enemies of the kingdom of Midnight, but Nightmare is the one everyone in other kingdoms should watch out for.

Yukke Bibinnia (Bowser) - Even at an early age, Yukke Bibinnia knew he wanted to conquer the world. Learning his techniques from his father, Saedr, he battled Spaghetti II, who eventually won the battle by throwing his sword at a rope that held something together. Yukke, angered at Spaghetti II, vowed to kill him. He teamed up with Nightmare to complete this vow, but tends to blunder most of his ally's plans.

Druk Pakhangbas (Koopalings) - Yukke's fourteen children, all of which are dragons just like him. They lack the ability to fly, just like their father. They usually stay at his cave to attack interlopers, but also go on missions with Yukke at times.

Saedr (OC) - The father of Yukke, and the assassinator of Sir Spaghetti. His son, Sir Spaghetti II, responded by killing him with his sword, impaling him through the chest. He was barely heard of or mentioned afterwards.

Skull (OC) - A giant, long dragon that can change his colour at will, and attempted an attack on the Fairytale Kingdom. However, Sir Spaghetti (Spaghetti II's father) stopped the dragon, and killed him by throwing a trident into his abdomen. His corpse was later thrown off a ledge to make sure he never returns.

Ezero (OC) - Who's this guy ? He's always covered in shadows and the little people who knew his idendity, were all found dead, with claw and slashing marks on their chest. We don't know his intentions or relationship to any of the characters... but it doesn't look good...

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