Ganoll - Fight 104:00

Ganoll - Fight 1

The first fight.

Ganoll's 3 fights

Ganoll has to be defeated in 3 different fights, If you win all 3, he will join your party, being the strongest one. His first fight is located in the 'Death Volcano', and he is not alone, he is fighting with 2 metal victims, That already became evil. It's impossible to defeat all of the 3 fights, if you don't have Metal Clo' in the party. Because Ganoll, uses different attacks and magics in every fight, but all of the fights, he uses Fear Roulette, the most powerful attack in the game. It can KO 1 party member instantely. Only Ganoll and the final boss uses it. The second fight, (located in the desert) Ganoll fights, along with 2 metal victims, that already became evil.

After defeating all 3 fights, Ganoll will give up, and asks to join. Now, you have 3 party members.

Appearences outside Glitchy's Adventure

Ganoll appears in a few bloopers, helping out SMG4.

Ganoll is the main protagonist in Having Fun.

Gameplay changes

If you don't defeat all the 3 fights, Ganoll won't join the party, that means, he will keep being a evil guy and will keep working for SMG3.

If he keeps working for SMG3, at the ending, he will be gone, along with all the Metal Monsters. (which is weird, since Ganoll ins't a monster or a Metal Victim or whatsover.)

If he join your party, he will keep alive, which is the canonicallll ending, since he appear in various bloopers.

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