Hesperium holding Bowser's tail.

Take me on to the other side01:44

Take me on to the other side.

His last appearence

HesperiumMario (or hesperium, as everyone says) is a close friend of Peach, Mario, Crash, Luigi, and others. 'Hesperium' is translated to 'purple'. His hair is black, and if looking from away, it sounds like it has no shading, but if very close, the shading can be seen.

His whole suit is purple, except his gloves. He mentioned once he actually wanted red gloves.


Hesperium was playing with his guitar, until kooper came and brought him to a "weird" place in a cloud, until he gets crazy of it, and accidentally fall from the cloud to his death.

Fanon History

  • Hesperium made a cameo in Dr. Shy Guy as a in-patient with a broken hand.
  • In You are Tube, he was shown on a picture.
  • In Race for Pasta, Hesperium was a contestant. Mario performed a Footstool Jump , forcing him in a quicksand pool.
  • In Toad Code, he makes several cameo's.
  • He also appeared in The Dissapeared and VampDefunct.
  • In No More Mr. Nice Toad, he's a background character.

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