It's your funeral.

Hidden World is a 2016 comedy-action special. It is made to bridge the gap between Season 7 and Season 8.


Life has settled down in the Mushroom Kingdom since the events with the Operator. However, something new has happened...a mysterious rift has opened up in Crystal Cavern. What is this rift? None know, but all are certain of one means nothing good.

The rift, it turns out, leads to a kingdom destroyed long ago. A mysterious event wiped it out, and it's said that only a few survived the catastrophe. However, odd things are happening in the Mushroom Kingdom. What could be happening? Does it have something to do with this ruined kingdom? Is an ancient villain regaining their power? In this adventure, our heroes explore a land of mystery as they try to find out what has become of the kingdom, and try to stop an evil force that could leave their kingdom just as lifeless!

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