Hyper Zone

Mario in the Hyper Zone.

Hyper Zone is an area in Ghastly Command in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame.

Only Mario has access to this area.

Mario passes trough it in Smg3-2: Operation DigiCrash.


Mario enters Hyper Zone via a portal. He soon finds out it's a trap, as Bowsar immediately closes down the gantry. After yelling at Bowsar, Mario goes further into Hyper Zone. The player starts under a ?-Block (image at the upper right). The ground then collapses, and Mario has to run. After this, Mario has to make his way trough several rooms with Big Amps and Mr. I's.  After this, the Player gets in a room with Red I's and Big Boo's.

Later, Mario gets in the final room, a box which's walls are painted like rainbows. Here, the encountered enemies are Akans', Fira's ,Bowser Amps and Para-Hammer Bros.


  • Akans
  • Big Amp
  • Big Boo
  • Bowser Amp
  • Fira
  • Para-Hammer Bro.

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