Jurassic Kingdom is the 12th episode of Season 10 and the first episode of the Saurian Saga.


Professor E. Gadd is searching around on a mountain in search for something. He then finally finds what he was looking for - an Austroraptor fossil (which God's holy light hilariously shines on). He takes it to his Bunker in Evershade Valley, where he recently invented a machine that can seemingly recreate extinct creatures from scratch. E. Gadd starts cleaning the fossil, but accidentally bumps into the device; it revives the Austroraptor, and creates a seemingly immeasurable amount of dinosaurs and the like. In fear, E. Gadd runs out of the lab.

At the Mushroom Kingdom, E. Gadd informs everyone of the problem, but (kind of expectable) no one believes him, and they publicy humiliate the professor, until a Toad is attacked and killed by an Achillobator, who brutally rips his abdomen open (this is not shown on-screen, but implied, and later mentioned by Mario). Everyone runs away in panic, screaming like girls.

At the Conference Room, Peach, Mario and SMG4 are having a discussion about what to do. However, a Bahariasaurus smashes into the room, traps Peach between it's teeth and jumps to the top of the castle's tower to eat her undisturbed. In a parody of King Kong, the military arrives and starts opening fire. Peach, however, being a pacifist, orders the army not to kill it. Instead, they anesthetize it with gas missiles. Peach confirms the kingdom's danger level as Level 4, and orders the country to be bordered to prevent the prehistoric plague from spreading around the continent. 

Mario and SMG4 are sent on an investigation, their travel taking them to a valley containing dozens of Camarasaurus, mammoths, dodos and Rodrigues solitaires eating from the trees, tufts, plants and bushes peacefully. They soon get into another valley, but it is filled to the top with carnivores. One Australovenator tries to steal eggs from a Brachylophosaurus, but the herbivore catches him and knocks it unconscious with it's tail. A Dracovenator notices SMG4 and gives chase. SMG4 runs into a tree, and the Dracovenator tries to jump into it. He fails and slams the tree with it's tail, trying to make SMG4 fall out by vibrations. However, this causes a coconut to fall out. The coconut drops on top of the crested carnivore, smashing it's skull and killing it instantly. 

Meanwhile, Mario accidentally provoked an Ankylosaurus. The armored dinosaurs slams Mario into the distance with it's tail club. SMG4 is still in the tree after another Achillobator tries to jump in. Mario ends up ramming the tree, knocking SMG4 onto the ground. After a wild chase, SMG4 and Mario jump over a ravine. The Achillobator screams and gives up.

After narrowly escaping a group of angry Dacentrurus and Pentaceratops, Mario ends up near a Spinosaurus, which is asleep. They sneak past it carefully, avoiding a hungry Pliosaurus. After another valley cross with semi-dinosaurs, more marine animals, Preondactylus and a few others (all of which SMG4 identifies), in which SMG4 is injured by a Dimetrodon, they finally make it back to Mushroom City, but to their shock, a Tyrannosaurus is attacking the city. An Edmontonia tries to attack it, but the T-Rex roars; out of fear, the Edmontonia slowly moonwalks away. An Metriacanthosaurus fights with the T-Rex about a hump of meat, but the T-Rex scares it's contender away.

Mario gets an idea and runs back to the swamp with a bucket, then sprays water over the Spinosaurus, waking it up. It follows Mario all the way to the city and engages combat with the T-Rex. The T-Rex gets the upper hand and knocks it out. SMG4 sacrifices himself to distract the carnivore. He climbs atop of the belfry and shouts insults at the T-Rex. The T-Rex, however, knocks SMG4 and later the clock tower into the water, seemingly crushing him. Shocked by SMG4's death, Mario rides another Metriacanthosaurus and mindlessly attacks the T-Rex, the latter of which knocks over a church in the process and smashes the weather vane into the wall of a house. The Spinosaurus, meanwhile, wakes up and attacks the T-Rex. However, SMG4 (who apparently survived) jumps out of the water and dives back into it riding a Nothosaurus, distracting it long enough for the Metriacanthosaurus to bite it and the Spinosaurus to scratch it. Angry, the T-Rex charges at the Spinosaurus, but it jumps out of the way, and was apparently standing in front of the church. The T-Rex tries to brake, but is too fast to slow down and is impaled by the spiny stick that the weather vane used to be standing on, killing it. The T-Rex's corpse is taken away by the military forces, while both other carnivores are given a huge supply of food as reward, and SMG4 makes the Nothosaurus his pet.

Back at Peach's Castle, Peach states that the prehistoric problems aren't over yet, while a Troodon sneaks into the castle and skulks behind a pillar, which nobody notices.

Dinosaur genera featured


Other genera


  • Mario
  • SMG4
  • Peach
  • Professor E. Gadd
  • Toads
  • Military forces
  • Townspeople


  • Despite it being heavily censored and never directly shown on-screen, this episode contains by far the most brutal death in the series so far, when the Achillobator tears apart a Toad's stomach.

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