Just Plane Clip is the 38th episode of Season 1 and the 38th blooper overall.

Plot (unfinished)

The Bomber tries to wainscot Decalburg with a jet fighter. MCGustavo and SuperNeil74 try to stop The Bomber, but their quest, and The Bomber, gets eerier when all three get chased by Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets...


  • SuperNeil74
  • MCGustavo
  • Ruffman8890
  • The Bomber
  • Oscarm00
  • Musthasto
  • Steve (referenced)
  • Foo Fighters
  • Ghost Rockets
  • Shy Guy (mentioned only)
  • SMG4 (two cameos)


  • The Foo Fighters and The Bomber's War Plane reference World War II.
  • The Bomber has a new color code to not get him confused with Crazy Toilet Dude and The Imposter.
    • At first, when SMG4 sees how the Bomber appears and introduces himself, SMG4 doesn't recognize him. After The Bomber said it was him at the end, SMG4 says "You ?", much to SuperNeil74's confusions, who didn't even knew him. MCGustavo recognized The Bomber, though. 
  • The episode's name is a parody on a Wile E. Coyote episode, Just Plane Beep.
  • Running Gag: Each time The Bomber tries to nuke Decalburg, the A-bomb explodes in his face.