Luigi in Teletubbie Land is the 32nd episode of Season 3 .

Luigi being chased by some Teletubbies

Luigi being chased by some Teletubbies



  • Mario mentions when he came to Teletubbie Land, a reference to the Smg4 blooper, A Trip to Teletubbie Land.
  • Originally, Chris was to have a much larger role where he was to find Luigi to see where he went off to.
  • In Teletubbie Land, for a brief moment you can see DragonSoul532 talking to Bowser, possibly about their evil plan in the upcoming SM64B movie, Super Mario 128.
  • Orginally this episode was titled "Super Enzo!" and had a different plot, but the episode was replaced with this one.
    • This is, in fact, because Enzo was orginally a protagonist but was changed to a villain.
  • The scene where the Teletubbies chase Luigi is also used in Planet of the Teletubbies.