Luigi is homosexual, SuperMarioGlitchy4 is retarded, Bowser is benighted, and i am who i am, not a fatso, or a convex ! Heard ?
Mario Sexy the Plumber
SMG4...I never got to tell you this but...You gave me a life other than plumbing...where I could be apart of all the others...I hope you have a good life in the afterlife. REST IN PEACE, GOOD FRIEND! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!
Mario at SMG4's funeral

Mario Sexy the Plumber (or Mario Sexy Gaywalker) is one of the two main protagoinsts of SM64 (fanon) bloopers, along with Shy Guy . In smg4's universe, he is fat and retarded. He has been in love with Peach and Pauline at the same time. He's also dumb. He is also a wizard in smg4's universe.


  • Small Mario
  • Super Mario
  • Fire Mario
  • Ice Mario
  • Penguin Mario
  • Propeller Mario
  • Mini Mario
  • Mega Mario
  • Hammer Mario
  • Tanooki Mario
  • Starman Mario
  • Raccoon Mario
  • Squirrel Mario
  • Invincible Tanooki Mario
  • Cat Mario
  • Lucky Cat Mario


  • Mario has died numberous times in the series, most notably in Season 6's Death, in which SMG4 hits him on the head, then knocks him off the belfry, and in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Bowser's Ultimate Masterplan. Other examples include:
    • Getting gassed by SMG3
    • Getting electrified by an Amp.
    • Possessed by the Shrewd Possessor. Once the Posessor leaves his body, he leaves Mario for dead, who dies of exhaustion, somnolence and lethargy.
    • Ran over by SMG4 (by accident).
    • Choked by Bower.
    • Getting power surges by Bowser's electric ring attack.
    • Hit on the head with a huge about-sledge.
    • The most brutal death out of all happens in The Incident. In this three part episode, several characters get killed on Friday the 13th (66 is behind it all), until only Shy Guy remains, who must find the Revive Potion. It begins with Mario being launched by a Heave-Ho. He gets flung against a wall, lands on a collapsing floor, in the water which flows him into a hole, then gets flung out and lands on a metal floor, which electrifies him and launches him up. Mario then lands on a pillow. After getting up, he becomes giddy. Still dazed, he welters for a while, until becoming drowsy, and falling to the floor, closing his eyes and passing away. The remainder of the episode revolves about Shy Guy attempting to wake him up using several medicines that should undo all of the pain he had experienced.
    • The second most brutal was in Are You Ready For Some Pootball? Coco slams a hard rock into his head, and while he's still dazed, punches him and throws him into most of the cast, killing all of them. Thankfully, after Bowser punches Coco away, PS889 comes with a supply of 1-Up Mushrooms.
  • Mario has died the most times out of any major characters in the series.



Mario Sexy the Plumber
Mario in Shifting Sand Land
Current Age 33
Gender Male
Species Human
Living Town Decalburg, Mushroom Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Power-ups


Main Ability/ies High Jumps
Relative(s) Peach Toadstool