Master Hand

Master Hand

Without my imagination, you shouldn't even have existed !
Master Hand to Yoshi

Master Hand is a righty Phantom Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series. To date, he, just like his respective stage, Final Destination has appeared in every SSB game to date. Master Hand, along with Crazy Hand and GigaBowser, is the Big Bad of all five installements (3DS and Wii U editions of SSB4 are counted as seperate).

In Blooper History

Master Hand's first appearance in fanon bloopers was in Ambidextrous Dino. When Yoshi went to his island to get Yoshi Cookies he got ambushed by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, who formed the Master Core. They try to take over both Yoshi's Island and Dinosaur Land but where stopped by all Yoshi's on the isle who formed a cooperation.


  • Master Hand seems to be righty while Crazy Hand is lefty. As the Master Core, they seem to be Ambidextrous, or Crosshanded.
  • Additionally, he also appeared in some of SMG4's videos (Flashbacks and Have You Seen Ths Polygon?).

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