Mechanical Menace (also known as Universal Utopia and mistakenly called Universal Unicycle by Lemmy) is the final area of Super Mario 64 Bloopers - Quest for the Acronices. In addition to bigger, badder enemies, there are also more obstacles that can damage the party in the Overworld. 



  • Lava
  • Grinders
  • Spikes


  • Mecha-Goomba - Mecha-Goombas are man-made goombas. They have all standard attacks, only their POW. and DEF. gets a major boost.
  • Mecha-Koopa - The same thing as the Mecha-Goomba, only for koopas. They're just poor imitations of the real thing.
  • Killing Machine - This guy attacks with swords. And daggers. And spikes. And grinders. And- WAIT, HE HAS A LAVA CANNON? Well, that puts my own lightsaber to shame...

A lot more TBA

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