Mephiles the Dark
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See here for the non-canon Season 7 counterpart of Mephiles.

May i thank you, Mario the Plumber, for unavoidably causing your own patethic, forgettable demise ?

Mephiles the Dark is an evil satanic god and the main antagonist of Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Dawn of Darkness, a movie featuring characters from various franchises teaming up to save the world from destruction. In the SM64 continuity (where Mephiles differs from his Sonic '06 counterpart), Mephiles is a god that created the world along with Iblis, Chaos and Solaris. Mephiles, however, wanted more power and betrayed Solaris to further his own potence. He was voiced by Dan Green, just like in Sonic '06. Mephiles is one of the most sadistic, heartless, relentless and uncharitable villains in the franchise, having achieved "Complete Monster" status on Villain Status (a feature on the website, which ranks SM64 villains on how evil they are), sharing the position with Zorn and DragonSoul532.

Mephiles' ultimate plan is to find the Detrix, an object that can grant the wearer universal power and make him completely invincible, and manipulate it's power to destroy existence and create a new series of universes and dimensions with him as undisputed leader. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Powers and abilities

Mephiles is by far the most powerful villain the franchise has ever known, being virtually omnipotent, omniscient and, at his highest level, omnipresent. A list of his powers include:

  • Shapeshifting: Mephiles is capable of limitless shapeshifting, even able to turn himself into gas, vapor and liquid.
  • Time Travel
  • Warping between dimensions: Mephiles is capable of traveling between dimensions, and he can also seal others within them.
  • Absorption: Mephiles can absorb victims' shadows to copy their abilities, and he even copy their appearance, voice and organs. He can switch between his normal form and appearances of victims at will.
  • Be victims' shadow
  • Merge with victims' shadow
  • Cloning
  • Duplicating
  • Hypnotism: Mephiles can hypnotize victims and order them to do whatever he wants. To do this, Mephiles has a pink force field expand from inside his victims, which then flashes.
    • Mind Control: Mephiles can also shoot a huge white flash. After this, all beings in the area of impact are put in a state where they lose free will. The method is different from hypnosis because instead of simply giving commands, Mephiles actually controls their mind and can not only make them think whatever he wants, but he can also make them do everything he feels like.
    • Brainwashing: Mephiles can also snap with his fingers. All chosen victims will become dizzy and fall asleep. When they wake up after a certain amount of time (that Mephiles deterlines), they're hypnotically brainwashed and will believe everything Mephiles tells them, and as such help him with his plans.
  • Force Blast: Mephiles can create a huge, purplish force field that expands around him in a circle formation. It either pushes opponents away, electrocutes them, freezes them in place or puts them in a trance.
  • Shockwave: Mephiles shoots a set of white, purplishly outlined shockwaves over the ground.
  • Soundwaves: Mephiles blasts his opponents away with hypersonic soundwaves.
  • Flashbang: Mephiles has the ability to blind or deafen his opponent, or both.

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