Metal Victims are characters that earlier were normal people, but now are transformed in metal. (Thanks to the After a while, the victim will become evil and will work for SMG3 and Lord Fear)

Below are some characters that became Metal Victims.



Metal Clo', knowing that he will become a evil person, cries.

Clo', is the first person SMG4 will met that became a Metal Victim. He was found crying, because he became metal victim, and he knew he would become evil. He asks SMG4 if he could help making he become normal, and SMG4 can choose if yes, or not.

if saying yes: He will join your party, being a strong guy.

if saying no: He will cry, and you won't be able to defeat Ganoll nor make Ganoll join your party.


Metal Clo', if you say yes, he will join the party.

When he was normal, he was called Clo', when he became a Metal victim, he became Metal Clo'. Saying No would make the game impossible. Later, SMG4 will be KO'd by Ganoll (due to being unable to beat him) and respawn in front of Clo'. He's then given the option to say Yes or No another time.


Nintendofan997 (or X) is also turned in metal. Turning him back to normal has him join SMG4's party. He has 719 HP by default.


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