Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers is a spinoff of the official and the fanon SMG4 bloopers. It is based off the SMG4 episode of the same name, and follows Mario and co. as they save the world.


  • Episode 1: Briette the Beautiful - After the pilot episode, Dr. Pootis escaped and captured the hottest lady ever known to man, so what do Mario and co. do?, save her!
  • Episode 2: I'm Sorry, But Your Princess Is In Another Castle - Peach escapes Bowser all on her own using her awesome powers...but finds out that he's kidnapped Mario and SMG4, and is planning a coup of another kingdom!
  • Episode 3: Career-Ending Injury - While saving some orphans from a fire, SMG4 breaks his leg. How will he help the rangers?
  • Episode 4: The Cookie of Doom - After chomping down on some cookies from an young girl, everyone turns into puppies and are taken away by animal control. Will they be able to revert to normal?
  • Episode 5: Best Served Cold - The events of the last episode have the rangers swearing vengeance on the young witch who transformed them. They try to get revenge, but find themselves working for her family's ice cream shop instead. Hilarity ensues!
  • Episode 6: Sixth Ranger? - While fighting Dr. Pootis (again) the Rangers get a new companion... BOWSER! But can he really be trusted?
  • Episode 7: Baby On Board! - The rangers end up having to take care of their baby counterparts before kindergarten, but with Dr. Pootis wreaking havoc in the city, keeping the peace won't be easy.