The Moral Event Horizon is...well, a Moral Event Horizon. It distinguishes the good from the bad.

The villainous version of the Moral Event Horizon ranks villains from not-so-bad to horribly horrible in every horrible way. Here on this wiki, villains are ranked from Petty Villain (robs, keeps prisoners) to Complete Monster (murders, tortures, does every bad thing in the book to fulfill their needs). Petty Villains don't need to be feared; Complete Monsters do.

So far, there are only four Complete Monsters - DragonSoul, Mephiles the Dark, Zorn, and Coco. Some villains ascend to Complete Monster (like Coco) whereas others descend to Petty Villain (SMG3). There are different types of villains, like the Sadist, and these types can push villains over the horizon or pull them back to the starting point.

Here are the different villains in SM64 Bloopers. (Please add villains here!)



Reasons For Rank:

Type (so far, only type of villain is Sadist):

Death (if they had one):

Cause of Death (again, if they have one):

Mephiles the Dark

  • Rank: Complete Monster
  • Reasons for Rank:
    • Tried destroying existence in order to replace it with a handful of universes of his own creation, which would kill over centillion googolplex living beings.
    • Killed an entire planet full of innocent antromorphic animals (similar to Sonic and co.) by changing it's temperature to absolute zero.
    • Destroyed an entire cluster of galaxies with a hypernova implosion.
    • Tried convincing Mario and co. to commit suicide.
  • Type: Sadist, Master Manipulator, Omnipotent Villains, Omniscient Villains, God, Evil Deity, Abuser, Nihililistic/Pessimistic Villains, Hard-Boiled Villains

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