The Munchers, more commonly known as Body Snatchers or simply the Brain Parasites, are vectors and parasites, debuting in The Super Mario 64 Halloween Special: Invasion of the Brain Parasites as the main antagonists of the episode. In it, the Munchers make their way into the Mushroom Kingdom and the adjacent areas after their hosts take them there.


The Munchers are, as said previously, parasites. They sneak up on their future host, then jump on their head and use a small spiked arm to drill into the brain, granting them full control over the body; during this, the host loses consciousness and falls asleep until it leaves. Munchers are also able to talk, using the host's voice. In addition, Munchers are also vectors; they spread fever, flu, influenza, sleeping sickness and laryngitis, without being affected by them. The Munchers' only weakness is extreme heat, shown off when Bowser Jr. is set on fire when the parasites take him over.

Nipper Plants

Nipper Plant
Nipper Plants, or Muncher Grubs, are larvae, hatching from eggs. After a while, they create a Piranha Pest, and then turn into a Muncher. They can also control their hosts; just like their adult forms, they are also vectors that spread diseases that do not effect them. Nipper Plants spread amnesia, extreme somnolence, migraine, blackouts, convulsion and epilepsy. 

The Piranha Pests can attack and spit ice balls to defend the Nipper Plants during their transformation.




  • The way how Nipper Plants turn into Munchers is a parody on how caterpillars turn into butterflies.  

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