Neo Kortex

Neo Kortex, CK'S biggest rival.

Cortex and Crash

Kortex finds Crash.


Kortex, holding Crash's hat.

Neo kortex

Neo Kortex is the primary antagonist of Crash Kandicoot's SM64 Bloopers.


He appears various times, and mostly to be different from the others, Neo has no hat. He comes to Peach's castle to try to:

  • Defeat CK
  • Destroy the castle
  • Kill everyone


  • In a blooper, he was going to fight with Golden. But Crash kandicoot changed it to MM7771 to fight Golden for some reason.
  • His castle was orginally going to appear in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame, but was cut. Neo Kortex is the only character from CK to never appear in any fanon games or bloopers.
  • He's a spoof on Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot.

Moral Event Horizon

  • Neo Kortex, once, thirsty for revenge on Trash Kandicoot, he got him stuck in a house from a village, and burns it. But, it ends up burning the whole village. However, Trash survived somehow.

Appearences (random order)