Nester Patrol is a villain that worked for Neo Kortex, He first appeared when Mario Blight was walking around, and he got a disguise like Mario Blight.

He needed a star to take control of the castle, and he did.

He had very few appearences, actually 4, the 3rd marks his first defeat.

In his last appearence, of a special, the Team of Doom, the season 1 finale. He appears in the desert, but when CK comes, he get in panic and accidentaly fall in quicksand and getting smothered by it, killing him in the process.


  • Nester is one of the few decedent CK characters to not appear in a game, along with Astall.
  • Interestingly, CK even removed his Color Code from his cheats, meaning that he will never come back.

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