I'M the only one worthy of her attention, LoserMarioGlitchy3!
OiramOiram12345 is MM54321's doppleganger, There is not much known about him. 


To date, OiramOiram12345 has only appeared in And There Is X.

OiramOiram12345 was the minion of X. They created a plan to assassinate both Mario and MarioMario54321.

During the fight, he nearly sniped Toad. Rocks came to help, though, and made OiramOiram12345 fall asleep with his Magic Rod.

He was still asleep when X was arrested.


  • And There Is X
  • The Wrong Channel (Cameo)


  • OiramOiram12345 made a cameo in The Wrong Channel, where he was still asleep.
Doppleganger in the chateau
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Species Duplication Clone
Living Town Beanbean Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Sonic Blaster Cannon
Main Element(s) Ghastly
Current Status(es) Asleep
Main Ability/ies Psyhic

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