Old Man
Let's hope they'll have a good future.
Old Man, Unparented

The Old Man, fully Old Man Hobo,  is a aged man that's presumably 90 years old. He appeared only in 2 episodes. In Race For Pasta, he makes a major role, where he attempts into winning the race in Shifting Sand Land. As Mario took out everyone else with booby traps, he and the old man are the only contestants remaining. When Mario tries to cheat and take out the Old Man, he flies off with a Jet Pack. After this, he doesn't appear in episodes, making many fans think that he got cut from the series. After a year of abscene, he reappeared in the Season 4 episode, Unparented. SMG3 blows up Chris' dwelling place and premises with a Bob-omb (who looks like they did in Super Mario Sunshine). Chris, now an orphaned child, gets placed in a boarding school by a bank manager (who's actually Marx). SMG3 responds by sending Bowser Jr. & the Koopalings, Bowser's children, to that same boarding, who force Chris out of it. Marx then sends Chris to the (unmarried) Old Man, who gives him lodges, along with two other infant Kirbies that lost their home. It turns out that he's single and lives in a calm, uneventful, pacifactory plains, with some hills and a apple tree near his house. Near the end of the episode, Chris, along with the other Kirby infants, is adopted by Meta Knight. Chris thanks the Old Man for protecting them from SMG3, and waves to him one final time. The Old Man than goes back in his home, saying "Aaaahhhh... The kids finally got a home. Let's hope they'll have a good future. I wish them many luck."


  • Old Man appeared the second least out of all characters. The only one appearing less than him is Toadsworth, who appeared only in Pipe Fitter the Banned.
    • On a side note, he's one of the few characters to not appear in Super Mario 128 in any way.
  • Old Man is the only character of his kind to appear, which is very uncommon for a blooper series.
  • The sprite for Old Man came from Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen.