Pinwheel is a possible boss in the Unnamed upcoming SM64 Bloopers game. It's a gristmill robot created by DragonSoul532 to slay Mario and his crew. It's the possible fifth boss in the game, probably the boss of Far Farmyard.


This can be his stats:

  • HP: 1300
  • ATK: 63
  • POW: 80
  • DEF: 100
  • SPEED: 51
  • SKILL: 71
  • MAG: 5
  • RES: 13
  • EXP: 1,000
  • COINS: 500

Possible attacks:

  • Sawblades: Pinwheel turns it's vanes into buzz saws, and saws the crew.
  • Wind: Pinwheel turns in a windmill and blows the crew into a set of compass saws.
  • Airscrew: Pinwheel turns it's vanes into propellors, and rams the cast at high speeds.
  • Self-murder: Pinwheel explodes in a suicide explosion, depleting 3/4 of the cast's HP.
  • Bag: Pinwheel turns its vanes into bags of flour and throws them at the crew, blinding them for a turn.

Battle Arena Exclusive Attacks:

  • Grabbah: Pinwheel ties the most powerful party member to it's vanes and spins around like real mills do. It hardly inflicts damage, but it DOES make you dizzy.
  • Free Falling (Exclusive to Ultimate Arena): Pinwheel ties a random party member to its vanes and spins them to get really high in the air. Then, it drops the party member onto the ground, which takes out a good chunk of your health.


Pinwheel looks like your standard mill, except for two red, menacing eyes on it's shadowed face, and at it's bottom, there's one huge wheel, like Motobugs from Sonic.


  • Pinwheel's name is a reference to Nickelodeon's early name from 1977 to 1979, in which it was renamed Nickelodeon. 

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