The North American boxart for the DVD.

Retarded64: The Complete Retarded Series is the "first ever" Super Mario 64 Bloopers DVD. It contains the first 13 episodes of SuperMarioGlitchy4's Retarded64 series, as well as a few bonus features such as an interview with SMG4.


The following episodes are on this DVD:

  • Mario Goes Shopping (2013)
  • Retard Karts 101 (2013)
  • Mario and the 1337 Police (2013)
  • Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory (2014)
  • A Dose of Dr. Mario (2014)
  • Mario Simulator (2014)
  • Mario's Spaghetti Delivery (2014)
  • Mario For Hire (2014)
  • Freddy's Spaghettiria (2014)
  • Son of a Bowser (2015)
  • Return to Freddy's Spaghettiria (2015)
  • The Good, the Fat and the Ugly (2015)
  • Princess Capturing Simulator (2015)

Bonus Features

There are bonus features on the DVD as well, including:

  • SMG4 Interview (An interview with SuperMarioGlitchy4 himself)
  • SM64 Short: How to Make a Blooper (A Season 4 episode showing behind-the-scenes of SM64 Bloopers)
  • A SM64 Parody: Number 1 (Bob-omb Battlefield Remix) (A Season 4 episode that consists of Mario and friends singing a parody of the Bob-omb Battlefield theme)
  • SM64 Bloopers: Welcome to McDonald's (A blooper by OnyxKing67 where Mario works at a McDonald's restaurant)
  • Mario Party 3 Harlem Shake (A video by TheScatmanBrothers showing the characters from Mario Party 3 dancing to Harlem Shake)
  • SMG4 Plays Merio Nernterndoes (A video in which SMG4 plays various bizarre Mario games online)
  • WELCOME TO SMG4'S MAGICAL LAND OF RETARDEDNESS (A miscellaneous video by SMG4, showing various scenes from his bloopers)
  • Tubbie TV (A Season 4 episode where the Teletubbies hold Mario hostage in his own home, forcing him to watch their show)
  • Guess That Character! (A game where a silhouetted SMG4 character will appear on screen, and you have to guess who it is)


  • Despite being billed as the first ever Super Mario 64 Bloopers DVD, this is not actually the first DVD. That honor would go to Shy Guy and the Toast Factory.
  • Several edits were made to the bloopers in order to make them appropriate for a general audience, such as all instances of swear words being bleeped out, and cropping shots where characters' body parts are noticeably cut off.
  • The DVD was originally never meant to be released outside of North America, for unknown reasons. However, a Japanese and PAL release date was eventually confirmed (PAL is the region term referring to Europe and Australia).

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