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SM64: Gamers is a downloadable game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It contains two games: Mario Simulator and Princess Capturing Simulator.

Originally released for Nintendo 64DD in 2000, Mario Simulator revolves about Mario having to do missions, such as filling his hunger meter, saving the princess and shooting Toad before he lays eggs.


  1. Shoot Toad: The player has to shoot Toad before he lays eggs.
  2. Save the Princess: Mario must crash in the Koopa Clown Car, knocking out Bowser. Then, the player can choose from four choices:
    1. Punch
    2. Hi-five
    3. Give Sandwich
    4. Fatality
  3. Collect Coins (killing Goombas along the way results in a Goomba intoxicating Mario with Goomba Diabetus, resulting in his death.
  4. Digest Food
  5. Get Spaghetti: Again, Mario gets four choices to get spaghetti from Daisy. Not selecting one in time results in a Game Over.
  6. Get Swag: Mario must steal SwagTubbie's glasses, then escape her.

After the "Get Swag" mission, two new gamemodes are added: Luigi Simulator and Toad Simulator.

In this game, originally for Sega Dreamcast, the player must make the right choices to advance.

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