Bom-omb Battlefield

Narrator: Ah, it's a nice, quiet, peaceful day at Bom-omb Battlefield. The king is walking in place, the pink Bom-ombs are charging fat men to go into the cannon-

Pink Bom-omb #1: And that'll be $9.45.


Narrator: -and the black ones are charging to use the bubble cannon.

Black Bom-omb #1: And that'll be $9.45.

Black Bom-omb #2: What the- Have you been taking drugs, cousin?

Narrator: What could go wrong?

(a sword suddenly flies through the air and lands on King Bom-omb)

King Bom-omb: Goddammi- (explodes and destroys the battlefield)

Coco: (lands on the remains) Heh heh. Another step towards world domination!

Narrator: Oh no. It's Coco!

(intro plays)

Princess Peach's Castle's Courtyard

Mario: Well, it's not that no one likes Coco - just ask SMG3 and OO12345 - but she's evil! I'm pretty sure she has a bounty of over 9,000 gold coins.

Mushroom City

(explosions are shown in Café La Crown)

Mario: (narrating) No one has ANY idea why she does what she does. She just...does it! It's insane!

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