Smg4 Fire Attack
is one of the three default playable characters in Super Mario 64 Bloopers - Quest for the Acronices. SMG4's main stat is Power. His SPEED and HP are decent, but his Defence on the other hand... ehh let's just not talk about that. SMG4's attacks generally poke fun at several things, and also break the fourth wall frequently.


Name and Description Cost Damage and Status Effects

Gamer: SMG4 throws a random video game console controller, each with it's own effects. A full list of them is below.

N/A Depends on controller.
Game Crash: A green flash occurs and the enemies have a 25% chance to be killed. Mostly, though, it's useless, so you gotta be lucky. Doesn't work on bosses. 10 MP 9999 (if it succeeds)
Game Freeze: Enemies cannot move for two turns. 15 MP N/A
Mouse: A computer mouse cursor clicks a random enemy six times (inflicting 5% damage each time), then drags him into the trash can (an application on computers to delete other applications), which has a 20% chance to kill it, otherwise dealing 25% damage.   10 SP 5% damage for each click, 9999/25% damage for trash can.
Fire Attack: The attack seen on the picture. SMG4 creates a fireball in his hand and sends a huge burning ray at the enemies. The only attack not scoffing at things. 20 MP 30-150
It's OVER 9000 !: SMG4 creates a meme stating two other meme sentences, I am Error and All your base are belong to us, which explode in the enemies' faces, releasing a Falcon Punch, the soundwaves electrifying the enemies. Everything is a spoof on internet memes. 30 SP 300-520
YouTube (Limit Break): SMG4 summons all YouTubers that have been in his videos so far, and they all attack the enemies with laser cannons, bazookas, rocket launchers and flamethrowers. 100 LB 920-1260


  • Super Famicom: Standard controller. Does 50 damage.
  • Sega Mega Drive (3 buttons): Does 100 damage.
  • Sega Genesis (6 buttons): Does 600 damage. 
  • Sega Dreamcast: Does 250 damage, and puts the enemy to sleep (spoofing it's name).
  • Super A'Can: Does 275 damage, and sets the enemy on fire.
  • Neo-Geo: Does 200 damage.
  • Neo Geo CD(X): Does 230 damage and freezes the enemy.
  • CD-i (all four): Do 100 damage each.
  • Nintendo 64: Does 175 damage.
  • Xbox One: Does 500 damage and dizzifies the enemies.
  • PC-FX: Does a random amount of damage under 350, and heals SMG4 with the same amount as the damage it caused.
  • Amiga CD-32: Does 120 damage.
  • 3DO Interactive Multiplayer: Does 210 damage.
  • Atari Jaguar CD: Does 90 damage.
  • R-Zone: Does 70 damage.
  • Ouya, GameStick, Amazon Fire TV: All inflict between 100-250 damage and cause a random effect, or none at all. 

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