SSenmodnar star is a star that controlls all the randomness in the SM64 universe. Its name is "randomness" backwards.


SSenmodnar's health bar in the "fighting" joke and Super Mario 64 Bloopers II: SMG3's back.

Trash and his trustword "assitant" plan to destroy the castle and defeat their nemesis. But ends up, that his assistant says: "Yes trash, it will give power..But i never said it was going to you." Then, the star was free, and now it will cause doom to everything, and there's no way to stop it..Unless..."


The star SSenmodnar and its victims

The SSenmodnar is seemingly imperishable and immortalized, because when CK uses the powers of his subscribers, he defeats the star, but it's still alive and will cause randomness and even hurt people once it returns to earth. CK was seen fighting with the star, in a "fighting game" copy, and CK attempts to defeat it, but soon enough SSenmodnar says he's just a star.

Moral Event Horizon crossings

  1. SSenmodnar seems to control people and makes the person "die", while the person isn't using its body, he controls it and do random stuff with it. Said person will only return to life if SSenmodnar stops using it. This is weird because in a part of the "SSenmodnar video", he appears and both starman3 and mm54321 are there at the same time. Maybe they didn't get affected. His powers resemble one of the one time villains, which he controls the mind of people (not killing them) and do whatever he wants. Once he exists a body, there's a chance said person deceases. If SSenmodnar is really deathless, that means he will keep returning in a infinite loop until one day all of them are defeated.
  2. Ssenmodnar gives parties after someone is tortured or killed, to celebrate it.
  3. He once betrayed and killed Neo Kortex in the upcoming Season 5 episode Doomsday, and tries to stop Neo Kortex from getting revived, but fails. He's furious about this and sends the police to arrest everyone because of "criminal zombie making". He then proceeds to kill the police when everyone is in jail, then celebrates.


  • The SSenmodnar series have a new episode every once something special happens.

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