The Saurian Saga is a series of non-standalone episodes in Season 10. It revolves around E. Gadd accidentally reviving the dinosaurs, and the Mushroom Kingdom soon gets in shambles. It will start from Eps. 11 onwards, but it's unknown when it will end.

List of prehistoric life included

This is a list of all prehistoric lifeforms that appear in the saga.

WARNING: A lot of hard, scientific Greek-Latin words coming !

Non-dinosaur creatures

Name Temporal Range Diet Family Lived in Notes
Dimetrodon Late Permian (295-260 mya) Carnivore
  • Pelycosauria
  • Sphenacodontidae
  • Germany
Edaphosaurus Late Permian (300-260 mya) Herbivore
  • Pelycosauria
  • Edaphosauridae
  • Germany
Should not be confused with Dimetrodon. It has a similar dorsal sail, but is carnivorous.
Woolly mammoth Late Tertiary-Early Quartary (0.15-0.004 mya) Herbivore
  • Mammalia
  • Elephantidae
  • Eurasia
  • Africa
Plesiosaurus Late Triassic-Late Cretaceous (205-65 mya) Piscivore
  • Sauropterygia
  • Plesiosauria
  • British Isles
Pliosaurus Late Jurassic (155-147 mya) Piscivore
  • Sauropterygia
  • Thalassophonea
  • South America
Nothosaurus Late Triassic Piscivore
  • Sauropterygia
  • Nothosauria
  • Worldwide
Various long-tailed Pterosaurs, Pterodaustro Late Triassic-Late Cretaceous Piscivores
  • Pterosauria
  • All around the world


Name Temporal Range Diet Family Lived in Notes
Dodo (Raphus cucculatus) Until the 18th century Herbivore or Piscivore? Pigeons and doves Mauritius
Rodrigues solitaire Until 1789? Herbivore or Piscivore? Pigeons and doves Rodrigues
Presbyornis Tertiary (65-14 mya?) Omnivore Ducks Europe, both Americas
Palaelodus Tertiary (25-11 mya?) Omnivore? Waterfowl (exact family unknown) France, possibly North America



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