The SM64 Bloopers Cast.

Season 1 is the first season of the new (fanon) SM64 Bloopers.

List of Episodes

  • Episode 1 - The Preface - Yoshi reads one of his books, but when he reads the "Preface", he gets sucked right into the book and has to find a way to make it out.
  • Episode 2 - Shy Guy and the Toast Factory - Shy Guy finds a toast factory and finds Tubbie Wonka is the boss of the factory.
  • Episode 3 - Screw this Ads !  - Mario and Luigi find an ad man and tries to destroy them.
  • Episode 4 - Wiggler Moves In - Wiggler moves into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 5 - Guess Who ?  - After Chain Chomp leaves Bowser, he starts terring down the Mushroom Kingdom. 
  • Episode 6 - Oui & Bonjour - Two people named Oui & Bonjour move into the Mushroom Kingdom and become friends with Shy Guy, but things get bad when he introduces them to Toad & Smg4.
  • Episode 7 - Wario the agriculturalist - Wario becomes an agriculturalist.
  • Episode 8 - The Elite Corps Commando's - Some elite corps find Princess Peach and threaten to destroy her.
  • Episode 9 - Mario, now a vegetable vegetarian - Mario turns into a veganist.
  • Episode 10 -  The Tirailleur - A sniper and gunslinger threatens Chris.
  • Episode 11 - Wario the Hero - Wait What ? - Wario goes into the TV universe only to find Teletubbies. How will Wario get out of the TV?
  • Episode 12 - Tubbie Wonka: Factory Crash - Smg3 places a bomb in the Toast factory that is going to explode in 24:00:00. Tubbie Wonka gets the help of Shy Guy, Mario and Wiggler to save the factory.
  • Episode 13 - U Know ? - Mario tries to tell SwagTubbie something she probably didn't know about before.
  • Episode 14 - The Rise of Swag Master - Following the events of U Know?, SwagTubbie and Mario have a duel to see who's the swag master.
  • Episode 15 - It's Mine - Oui & Bonjour fight over who gets to play the Nintendo 64.
  • Episode 16 - Treason - Steve plants a tree outside and Mario thinks he is trying to demolish the castle.
  • Episode 17 - FightingMario54321 joins the Boxing Match - FightingMario54321 joins the arena to become champion in order to prove to Toad he is strong and tough.
  • Episode 18 - Anonymous and Unknown - Shy Guy comes across something on his computer nobody has ever seen before.
  • Episode 19 - Crapping on the Rug - After Smg4 plays a prank on Mario, Princess Peach thinks that Mario...well, you know.
  • Episode 20 - War and Pizza's - At a restaurant called "Pizza King" Oui & Bonjour compete who can eat Pizza faster.
  • Episode 21 - Weak Slapstick - Mario hits Shy Guy with a wood stick and calls it a weak shot, so Mario has to find a stronger stick.
  • Episode 22 - Chef Fry - SMG4 becomes a chef.
  • Episode 23 - Luigi against Waluigi - Luigi and Waluigi have a battle. Who will win?
  • Episode 24 - Howl and Gloom - A Houndoom and Gloom get together to create a monster out of sticks, paper clips, tires, trees and googly eyes to scare Yoshi.
  • Episode 25 - U, Ye and Thee - Shy Guy, Mario and Steve join the circus and do silly acts infront of the audience.
  • Episode 26 - Shy Guy's Burgers and Fries - Shy Guy and Bowser become chefs at Burger Plumber.
  • Episode 27 - Space Battle - Shy Guy goes to space for some Alien Shy Guy hunting.
  • Episode 28 - The Machinimist Who Knew Too Much - Starman3 gets a headache from reading his history book. Starman3's boss thinks he wants to slack off, so he sends Marx, Eggrobo and Fawful to kidnap him. They're having a tough time looking for him though. Eventually, they got Starman3, but he escaped, however and fled in a drain pipe.
  • Episode 29 - To Catch a Machinimist - The KSMV (Kirby Sonic Mario Villain) gang continues tracking down Starman3, but quickly throws off Marx and Fawful, leaving Eggrobo alone. However, Starman3 was eventually kidnapped by his boss.
  • Episode 30 - The Wrong Machinimist - After Starman3's boss finds out Starman3 wasn't slacking off after all, the KSMV still wants to kill him. The five have an epic battle for life. Who will win?
  • Episode 31 - Cool, Cool Mountain - Billy the Penguin goes to Cool, Cool Mountain.
  • Episode 32 - Hit 'n Miss - Shy Guy shoots out of his cannon to aim for the golden ring in the sky, but he misses. Steve also tries to do it, but he misses it as well. Then they get an idea, whoever gets the golden ring in the sky first wins.
  • Episode 33 - Guards 'N Retards: Kick 'm in the vitals - Chris and Swag's boss promotes them to the night guards of Freddy Fazbear's. Will they survive? Probably not.
  • Episode 34 - The Kid - A kid named Chris moves into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 35 - A Star Spirit On Ice - Mistar finds herself on thin ice when she gets trapped on the frozen ocean with only Mario for company.
  • Episode 36 - Big Bully's Revenge - The Big Bully teaches the gang a lesson by forcing them to play his favorite board game.
  • Episode 37 - Mimi and the Spider Mafia - Mario and friends need to stop Mimi, a Spider-Greenie Hybrid, from dominating the world.
  • Episode 38 - Two Happy Rivals - Golden and Crash go to blue switch palace, but Golden leaves Crash inside and starts a war.
  • Episode 39 - Just Plane Clip - Using a Warfare Hedgehopper and a Wartime Surplus, The Bomber tries to bombard Decalburg.
  • Episode 40 - A Duel by Any Other Name! - SwagTubbie returns and challenges Mario to another duel to see who's the real swag master. Who will win?
  • Episode 41 - Battle for the Toast - Shy Guy has to stop Bowser from selling all of his toast. Soon, Shy Guy and Bowser battle for the toast.
  • Episode 42 - Mario's Bank Robbery - Mario robs the Mushroom Kingdom Bank so SuperMarioGlitchy4 tries to prevent him from doing so.
  • Episode 43 - Diary of a Wimpy Bowser - Mario finds Bowser's diary and reads it to the whole castle (much to Bowser's discommode).
  • Episode 44 - Dr. Shy Guy - Shy Guy becomes a doctor.
  • Episode 45 - The Wacky Wario Bros.: YouTube Rangers Part 1 - Wario and Waluigi try to become YouTube Rangers. 
  • Episode 46 - The Wacky Wario Bros.: YouTube Rangers Part 2 - Following the events of TWWB.:YT Part 1, SuperLuigiGlitchy4 plans to get rid of YouTube Rangers once and for all.
  • Episode 47 - Super Pokeman 64 Bloopers: Arbok Means Trouble - There's an evil Arbok in town, and he wants to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. In this special, it's up to Mario, Shy Guy and Steve to figure out the one weakness to this vicious Pokemon.
  • Episode 48 - Toast Factory Overload - Tubbie Wonka wants the workers at the Toast Factory to work really hard and then explodes because of "Toast Factory Overload".
  • Episode 49 - A New Teletubbie - Miss Tubby moves into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 50 - Happy Birthday, Shy Guy! - Shy Guy's friends plan a surprise birthday party for Shy Guy.

Dvd Releases

  1. Fanon SMG4 Bloopers: The Complete First Season. (Release: March 21st 2017)