Season 10 is the tenth season of the Super Mario 64 Bloopers series. The Season has standalone episodes and "saga episodes" just as Season 9. As opposed to Season 9, though, Season 10 has three rather than one, the Saurian Saga, Metallix Saga and the No Earth Saga (the latter of which was added by Bill the Smart Guy 2005. The season is notable because of several main character deaths, although all of them are revived over time.

Major Plot Elements

  • Bowser Jr. dies in the season (thanks to Metal Sonic), although he is later revived.
  • E. Gadd accidentally brings dinosaurs back to life.
  • Metal Sonic tries to obliterate the world; Mario & Sonic have to combine forces to stop him.


  • Episode 396: The Night Before - Everything that happened the night before Season 10 kicked off, from the dimensional rift leading to Earth to six of the seven Chaos Emeralds getting lost throughout time, to E. Gadd finding a unique dinosaur fossil at Mystic Forest...
  • Episode 397: Send in the Clones - Mario accidentally creates a huge army of duplications of himself, just even more retarded.
  • Episode 398: Robot Royale - A bunch of bots gather for a battle Royale.
  • Episode 399: All the Way - Mario is hired as a motivational speaker for a man who just lost his job. He only succeeds in depressing the man even more.
  • Episode 400: Wilderness Survival 101 - An explosion separates everyone and flings them into Mystic Forest. Now, they must find their way out.
  • Episode 401: Steve in Space - Steve, Alex, Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 get lost in space. Now, their biggest concern is getting back home.
  • Episode 402: If The Shoe Fits - Peach gets a new pair of glass slippers - which look more like high heels - but Mario breaks them and has to buy a new pair.
  • Episode 403: Well, That's Just Perfect - It's Friday the 13th, the day where the luck balance of the universe shifts out of order. It's also the day Mario has to make an important delivery to the castle - a good-luck charm that protects against Friday the 13th's bad luck magic. Unfortunately, this Friday the 13th is especially ominous, and Mario will need as much luck as Friday the 13th will allow him to make it to the castle alive, with or without the charm.
  • Episode 404: The Cake Is A Lie - Mario is feeling down in the dumps after a break-up with Princess Peach, so SMG4 tries to find the ingredients to bake the legendary "Cheer-Up Cake" that will cheer anyone up.
  • Episode 405: Luigi and the Beanstalk - In Sir Spaghetti's third fairytale adventure, he meets a boy named Jack (Luigi) in a cottage on the outskirts of town. Apparently, Jack has grown a magic beanstalk to defeat a giant that terrorizes his village, but he needs some help. Unfortunately, with Sir Spaghetti's old foe Yukke Bibinnia the dragon out for their heads, not to mention the hungry giant himself, the journey is anything but smooth.
    • Saurian Saga
  • Episode 406: Jurassic Kingdom - E. Gadd restores the fossil he found in the Mystic Forest. This proves to be a bad idea.
  • Episode 407: Dinosaur Attack - Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs everywhere. Let's hope those threatening-looking guys are herbivores...
  • Episode 408: Revenge of the Triassic - Uh oh. It appears E. Gadd didn't just bring dinosaurs to life. Here comes an army of rauisuchianspoposauroidsornithosuchidseuparkeriids, dinosauriforms and lagerpetids ! And Lagosuchus. Oh dear lord.
  • Episode 409: Cretaceous Boutique - SMG3 is hatching a truly malevolent plan; he's kidnapping the prehistoric/extinct creatures (this time also joined by lepospondylidsmore archosauromorphs and even more archosauriforms, in addition to even more) to sell them as pets ! Or for whatever other purpose. Mario, Luigi and SMG4 (all in disguise) try to save the animals, but to do so they must pretend to be interested in buying some of them...
  • Episode 410: How To Train Your Dinosaur - The Mushroom Kingdom is in shambles, but E. Gadd has a plan - migrate all the prehistorics to another place! It's a lot easier on paper than in real life, but thankfully, there's a short home movie about training your dinosaur, so nothing bad will happen! ...Right?
  • Episode 411: Dino-Rific Day - In the closing chapter of the Saurian Saga, Mario has managed to clone his DNA and fuse it with that of a dinosaur's...thus creating a truly terrifying creature. Hold onto your hats, because the floodgates are open and there's no looking back.
    • End of Saurian Saga
  • Episode 412: Taking a sick day - SMG4 comes down with strep throat, and Mario must take his place as director.
  • Episode 413: Unscripted - The scripts for Episode 18 arrive, but Mario misplaces them. Oops. Now, we can say whatever we want, do whatever we want, be unscripted...FREEDOM! But is this newfound freedom a blessing or curse?
  • Episode 414: Because Reasons! - In this episode,'s just imagination running wild.
  • Episode 415: BlooperCon 2016 LIVE - SMG4 and friends fly out to Mudhroom Ciry to livestream BlooperCon.
  • Episode 416: Mario Six Siege - Mario and his five friends - Luigi, SMG4, Yoshi, Toadsworth, and Steve - must rescue a hostage from a fortified suburban house.
  • Episode 417: PokéMadness - Mario accidentally ends up releasing Pokémon into the world. SMG3 and DragonSoul532 brainwash them and create a huge army. This ain't no bad.
  • Episode 418: How To Be An Idiot - After getting hit with a Stupid Ray, Mario becomes even more idiotic than usual.
  • Episode 419: MARIO, YOU ARE GUILTY! - CC7003 gets blamed for a crime Mario committed.
  • Episode 420: P-Balloon Panic - P-Balloons...dear god...
  • Episode 421: Pit of Panaca: P-Break - Mario ends up in the world of Super Mario Maker, and must go through Pit of Panaca: of the hardest levels in the game.
    • Metallix Saga
  • Episode 422: Metal Sonic Smashes In - It's Metal Sonic, and he tries to collect the Sol Emeralds to gain almighty powers. Mario and co. try to stop him (with help from Sonic & friends), but Metal appears to have much darker plans with the gems.
  • Episode 423: The Echidna and the Robot - Meet Tiki, assistant to Metal, and a pretty sassy one at that. While trying to get the emeralds, an explosion scatters them throughout space and time (the emeralds).
  • Episode 424: The Past is in the Past - Our heroes travel back to the past to get the first Sol Emerald, to the founding of the Mushroom Kingdom. The ruler of the land finds it and hides it in the castle...and that's just the start of their problems.
  • Episode 425: Awkward-kinetic - After being thrown into prison in the early Mushroom Kingdom, the king's young daughter finds the Emerald and gets aquakinesis. Now, this young girl has to use her new powers to get Mario and co. out of prison.
  • Episode 426: The Teletubby Kingdom - The second Sol Emerald is in a bleak future where teletubbies have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and outlawed spaghetti...Mario's worst nightmare!
  • Episode 427: Two Hedgehogs, One Emerald - Metal and Sonic have a battle in the Teletubby Kingdom for the Emerald. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Episode 428: Everybody's Got A Dark Side - Mario finds a magical thing to use against Metal and Tiki, but it corrupts him.
  • Episode 429: Survival of the Fattest - Mario, MCGustavo, Starman3 and Waluigi accidentally end up signing up for the Hunger Games. And when you know it's a much more highly advanced Hunger Games with futuristic weapons... y'know it means bad. And it goes worse when Metal attacks.
  • Episode 430: Metropolis Hath No Fury - While searching for the third emerald, the heroes and villains are forced into Metropolis Zone. And if you know Metropolis Zone...well, hell can't hold a candle to it.
  • Episode 431: Metal Menace - After finding the third emerald, our heroes are attacked by Metal Sonic, who already found the other emeralds and steals that of the heroes. He succeeds into reaching his goals and floods the world before poisoning the water. He will not stop unless he is appointed as leader of the solar system. 
  • Episode 432: Coming Close - Mario and co. get into Metal's underwater base and attempt to dethrone him.
  • Episode 433: Dying Moment of Awesome - Someone dies! But who will it be? This question will haunt you through the episo- It's Tiki, what did you expect?
  • Episode 434: Standing on the Edge - Trapped in the realm between life and death, our heroes are forced into various strange scenarios that seem vaguely familiar...
  • Episode 435: Temporal Crash - In the epic finale to the Metallix Saga, Mario and co. must defeat the Time Eater before the entire time-space continuum collapses.
    • End of the Metallix Saga
  • Episode 436: SM64 Bloopers: If Mario was in... Slender - When some magic happens, Mario is warped to the world of Slender Man. Please, get your children away from this, just for safety reasons.
    • No Earth Saga
  • Episode 437: Enter The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! - In the beginning of the No Earth Saga, our heroes meet the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when several stuff goes wrong... - (No Earth Saga Part 1 of 4.)
  • Episode 438: Evil Man ChaosCroc - ChaosCroc starts hypnotizing all girls, Mario and the boys must stop ChaosCroc before it's too late... - (No Earth Saga Part 2 of 4.)
  • Episode 439: Making Cartoons - Mario and co are making cartoons. - (No Earth Saga Part 3 of 4.)
  • Episode 440: Earth is back! - In the epic finale to Season 10 and the No Earth Saga, Mario and co must defeat Rita Repulsa - (No Earth Saga Part 4 of 4.)


  • Season 10 was leaked before the trailer, revealing tons of information. This includes...
    • Pictures from the Saurian Saga.
    • Two episodes, Unscripted and a planned episode, Two Hedgehogs, One Emerald.
    • A bit of info about Tiki.
    • Some of Wilderness Survival 101's script.
    • After a fan tipped off the company, the leak was taken down, but not before thousands of fans saw it.
    • The DVD will be released on May 1, 2017

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