Bring the mammoths to the plains, because this is gettin' shrewd !
Better than Digimon and Bakugan; they're getting real.
Tagline (Pokémon Saga)

Season 11 is the upcoming eleventh season of the SM64 Bloopers series.


  • Pokémon Saga
  • Episode 441: Poké-Madness - Pokémon have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and threaten to take over!
  • Episode 442: Crazymon - Mario accidentally ends up pissing off Palkia - somehow - and now he must try to escape the godhood's space twisting attacks - will Mario make it ?
  • Episode 443: Gotta Catch Them All - It's time to end this menace! By catching all Gen 1 Pokémon! ...hoo boy.
  • End of Pokémon Saga
  • Episode 444: Return of Slender - During a stroll in the woods, Luigi comes across Slender Man... but the guy's actually friendly. But is he really to be trusted ?
  • Episode 445: Stupid Mario Miitopia - Bowser buys a jar with a mysterious soul thing inside it at a yard sale. When he opens the jar, it possesses him and turns him into a Dark Lord, and he starts stealing everyone's faces. Now, Mario and friends must defeat him or die trying!
  • Episode 446: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 1) - After Starman3 blows up the British Museum and gets trapped in a sarcophagus, Mario, Luigi, SMG4, PS889, Peach, Bowser, and Fishy Boopkins must become Egyptian magicians and defeat a bishounen god of evil using the power of hieroglyphics or something. Based off the Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.
  • Episode 447: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 2) - It takes a lot to be a magician; for example, being literate. Our magical heroes get schooled on the basics before fleeing for their lives in Paris...and promptly getting assaulted by fruit bats. Truly a wonderful day. Based off the Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.
  • Episode 448: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 3) -
  • Episode 449: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 4 {Finale}) -
  • Episode 450: J is to Egg as E is to Juice - A company called JJ-Enterprises starts selling "J-Juice" which tastes like heaven with every sip. But when only a day after J-Juice is released, the Rabbids start disappearing, Bowser Jr. and Spawny organize a detective group called the Private-Eyes to find them.
  • Episode 451: Mario's Second Challenge - Mario has another challenge for the cast! The winner earns a gold crown and another mystery prize. The challenge is to get through a labyrinth, each room containing its own separate challenge. Who will win, and who will die?
  • Episode 452: Jester Day - Mario and co. are just having a nice 'n' normal day... until Dimentio pops up, and yes, he's evil. Still is.
  • Episode 453: The Mountain Resort (Part 1) - Mario and co. head to the Mountain Resort for some well-deserved relaxation.


  • Season 11 is the only season so far with quite literally no episodes confirmed at announcement.
  • Two teaser images were shown, though. The first was a figure silhouetted against a sunset. The second was a girl in a butterfly mask using a key on a locked door.
  • The saga shown in the trailer will be called the Glacia Saga.
  • Fans speculate that a new DVD will come out based off Season 11.
  • Adult Swim aired a marathon of all the episodes from Seasons 1-10 from May 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017, after the marathon the first episode of Season 11 aired on June 1, 2017.

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