Bring the mammoths to the plains, because this is gettin' shrewd !
Better than Digimon and Bakugan; they're getting real.
Tagline (Pokémon Saga)

Season 11 is the upcoming eleventh season of the SM64 Bloopers series.


  • Pokémon Saga
  • Episode 441: Poké-Madness - Pokémon have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and threaten to take over!
  • Episode 442: Crazymon - Mario accidentally ends up pissing off Palkia - somehow - and now he must try to escape the godhood's space twisting attacks - will Mario make it ?
  • Episode 443: Gotta Catch Them All - It's time to end this menace! By catching all Gen 1 Pokémon! ...hoo boy.
  • End of Pokémon Saga
  • Episode 444: Return of Slender - During a stroll in the woods, Luigi comes across Slender Man... but the guy's actually friendly. But is he really to be trusted ?
  • Episode 445: Stupid Mario Miitopia - Bowser buys a jar with a mysterious soul thing inside it at a yard sale. When he opens the jar, it possesses him and turns him into a Dark Lord, and he starts stealing everyone's faces. Now, Mario and friends must defeat him or die trying!
  • Episode 446: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 1) - After Starman3 blows up the British Museum and gets trapped in a sarcophagus, Mario, Luigi, SMG4, PS889, Peach, Bowser, and Fishy Boopkins must become Egyptian magicians and defeat a bishounen god of evil using the power of hieroglyphics or something. Based off the Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.
  • Episode 447: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 2) - It takes a lot to be a magician; for example, being literate. Our magical heroes get schooled on the basics before fleeing for their lives in Paris...and promptly getting assaulted by fruit bats. Truly a wonderful day. Based off the Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.
  • Episode 448: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 3) -
  • Episode 449: The Mario Chronicles: The Rainbow Pyramid (Part 4 {Finale}) -
  • Episode 450: J is to Egg as E is to Juice - A company called JJ-Enterprises starts selling "J-Juice" which tastes like heaven with every sip. But when only a day after J-Juice is released, the Rabbids start disappearing, Bowser Jr. and Spawny organize a detective group called the Private-Eyes to find them.
  • Episode 451: Mario's Second Challenge - Mario has another challenge for the cast! The winner earns a gold crown and another mystery prize. The challenge is to get through a labyrinth, each room containing its own separate challenge. Who will win, and who will die?
  • Episode 452: Jester Day - Mario and co. are just having a nice 'n' normal day... until Dimentio pops up, and yes, he's evil. Still is.
  • Episode 453: The Mountain Resort (Part 1) - Mario and co. head to the Mountain Resort for some well-deserved relaxation, or so they think!
  • Episode 454: The Mountain Resort (Part 2) - The gang's vacation is in jeopardy when Wingo appears and kidnaps Peach!
  • Episode 455: Meet Cappy! - Mario introduces his friends to his live cap friend Cappy, and they get into many strange misadventures.

Glacia Saga

  • Episode 456: Winter is Coming - Coco uses a magical scepter to freeze the world into a nuclear winter.
  • Episode 457: The Dragon of the White West - Mario and co. are forced to fight a ginormous dragon to get the first Ice Key.
  • Episode 458: I Wish On A Snowflake - Aid has come for the group in the form of an imprisoned fire genie. But he isn’t very helpful in getting the second Ice Key.
  • Episode 459: Boss #3 - The final Ice Key can be obtained by...beating its guardian in an obstacle course? Sure, why not.
  • Episode 460: The Truth and Freedom - Mario and co. settle things once and for all with Coco.

End of Glacia Saga

  • Episode 461: ChaosCroc's Revenge - Banjo and Kazooie accidentally teleport ChaosCroc to the Mushroom Kingdom, so he gets his revenge on the Mario and the boys by hypnotizing them into souless bimbos, can the girls stop ChaosCroc before it's too late?
  • Episode 462:: Teletubbies and Boohbahs - In Teletubbieland, the Teletubbies and Boohbahs are dancing, booorrriiingg, right?, what if the Teletubbies and Boohbahs fighted with each other over a girl, much better.
  • Episode 463: Cloning Blues - E. Gadd creates a cloning machine, but SMG3 steals it to create an army of himself. The only problem is, the clones have no personalities...
  • Episode 464: Self-Discovery - Nero, Mario's clone, doesn't have a personality. Despite this, everyone just treats him like Mario. Frustrated, he goes off in search of a personality.
  • Episode 465: Omochao's Rampage - Omochao is sick of everyone hating on him, so he turns everyone into Omochaos for revenge, but he forgot SMG4 and Mario, can SMG4 and Mario stop Omochao before it's too late?.
  • Episode 466: Derp TV: Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow 2 - Sonic gets into a gameshow starring Tinky Winky as the host, and the prize is a date with Sally, so Sonic competes against Dipsy, who will win?
  • Episode 467: DK's Treasure Blues - After losing his beloved treasure hoard to a thief that looks a lot like Nabbit, Donkey Kong becomes very depressed...until he receives a letter from the thief challenging him to get it back. Can DK and Diddy retrieve their treasure hoard before it's too late?
  • Episode 468: Saiko and Coco - After a long absence, Coco comes back and teams up with Saiko Bichitaru to attack Mario and the gang. It's up to our heroes to defeat Coco and snap Saiko out of it for Fishy's sake!
  • Episode 469: 999 - Nine of the retards wake up in a mysterious underground...somewhere, with the goal being to get out in 9 hours. If they fail, the bombs implanted in their bodies can go off. Can everyone make it out alive?


  • Season 11 is the only season so far with quite literally no episodes confirmed at announcement.
  • Two teaser images were shown, though. The first was a figure silhouetted against a sunset. The second was a girl in a butterfly mask using a key on a locked door.
  • The saga shown in the trailer will be called the Glacia Saga.
  • Fans speculate that a new DVD will come out based off Season 11.
  • In honor of this season, Adult Swim aired a marathon of all the episodes from Seasons 1-10 from May 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017. After the marathon, the first episode of Season 11 aired on June 1, 2017.
  • One new episode has been leaked: Cloning Blues.