(CGI animation)

???: (narrating) Millions of years ago, there was an arrogant goddess named Glacia, Goddess of Ice. Glacia ruled the Icy North, but was not content with it...she wanted more. Much more. Raising an army of ice zombies, she terrorized the continent for years. But then...she disappeared. No one knows where...she just disappeared. However, legend tells of the Ice Scepter, which Glacia sealed her power into. Only the Heir of Glacia could use the Scepter.

(normal animation)

Coco: That going to be...MINE!

???: (narrating) Our heroes will face their greatest challenge yet. They will take up a quest that may kill them...

Mario: N-n one say anything about...death...

???: (narrating) They will fight dragons, unearth ancient artifacts, and battle the gods themselves.

SMG4: Oh. My. God. We're fighting a god.

Mario: Hey, you just made an unintentional joke!

SMG4: ...So I did.

???: (narrating) All-new friends and foes will turn up to help or hurt them. We will meet Freya, Coco's trusted lieutenant, Synthya, the oracle who will guide our heroes on their quest, and Rhaja, the butterfly masked girl with a loathing for Freya.

Mario: What's going to become of us?

???: (narrating) Get ready for Season 11 of the Super Mario 64 Bloopers series. A bloodbath is to happen.

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