SMG4: Why exactly are we doing a trailer for Season 12 when Season 10 isn't even finished?

Mario: Never too early to release a trailer!

Announcer: A brand new season is on the horizon, and everyone is ready!

Rocks: My magic is 100 percent real. I'll show you. Gender mutationus!

(a puff of smoke appears around SMG4)(when it's cleared, a pink-haired teenage anime girl is standing where he once was)

???: What just- EEK! Why is my voice so high-pitched?

Rocks: Oh dear. It appears I have changed SMG4 into a 16-year old anime girl.

SMG4: WHAT? I'm suing!

Rocks: Gotta go! (Disappears)

Announcer: It only gets stranger from here!

Mario: Okay, so while we're looking for a cure to your...gender swap, you'll be Aibī Budō, a student at a high school. Got it?

SMG4: I'm never gonna live this down...

Announcer: But, as it turns out...

SMG4: Great, so now I'm a magical girl?

PS889: Certainly looks like it! Hey, it's actually pretty cool when you think about it!

SMG4: I guess so...

Announcer: ...there are certain benefits to this predicament!

SMG4: Yeah, time to use my powers to kick butt!

Announcer: The Super Mario 64 Bloopers Series Season 12: The Anime Saga! Coming in 2017!


  • This is the first trailer about a specific saga, rather than an entire season.

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