Season 3

Season 3

Season 3 Trailer/Sneak Peak

Season 3 contains many bloopers.

  • Episode 101: The "Yeah Toast!" Club - Shy Guy creates a club called the "Yeah Toast!" club with members: Mario, Smg4, Toad, Old Man, Wario, Waluigi, Dr. Robotnik and Red Teletubby, but things go wrong when they all go super crazy.
  • Episode 102: Toad Code - Mario and Smg4 stumble upon a special lock Toad installed that leads to a Toad Rave Party... If they can figure out the password.
  • Episode 103: Steventures #1: Steve Saves The World - The first of the Steventures Series featuring Steve. He has to save the world from trouble.
  • Episode 104: Return Of The Tubbies - Sequel to the special Planet of the Teletubbies where The Teletubbies come back and take over the castle.
  • Episode 105: Breaking the Fourth Wall - A villain named NafOiram0707 breaks the Fourth Wall literally and comes in the real world where he has control of the n64 World.
  • Episode 106: SuperMarioGlitchys - Smg4 produces clones of himself that go out of control.
  • Episode 108: Purple Coins - Mario, Smg4 and Shy Guy collect 100 purple coins from all over the world such as Green Hill Zone, Teletubbie Land and the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 110: VampDefunct - Everyone gets bitten by a vampire bat.
  • Episode 111: The Dissapeared - Everyone dissapears. Will the others solve the mystery ?
  • Episode 112: Ssenmodnar 7.50 - An episode of the Ssenmodnar series, it takes place between Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition) and Ssenmodnar 8 (150k special).
  • Episode 113: Super Pokeman 64 Bloopers: Departed Mongrels - During a uproarious dew-fall, all lifeless Pokemon come back to live as poltergeists. Now all streets and buildings are haunted by undead, ressurected spectres, including MLGsexy wife, who seemingly wants blood feud and vengeance on Mario...
  • Episode 114: Steventures #2: The Atomy Take-Over - In this sequel to Steve Saves the World, Skeletons try to take over and dominate all servers and reign over all players. Will Steve save Minecraftia ? Or will the Skeletons overlord him too ?
  • Episode 115: Retarded64: Yeti's Black Day - YetiTheAwesomeGuy keeps having ill luck. This is caused by two evil villains, Blowiggler and 66. SuperMarioBros99thx tries to make an end to 66's deeds.
  • Episode 116: The Wacky Wario Bros: The Jackanapes Syndrome - Due to a wrong spell from Rocks, Wario turns in a female simian. When Donkey Kong falls in love with him, Wario meets the most ridiculous part of his life: homosexual apes ! And even worse, Waluigi is the master of ceremonies during their nuptials...
  • Episode 117: Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: The Aether - Steve, Starman3, Old Hobo, SMG4 and Mario travel to the Aether. When they attempt to escape, they get stuck in the Sky Dimension, a cancelled world...
  • Episode 118: Kirby the Vacuum Cleaner - Kirby turns into a Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Episode 119: Shy Guy Gets Tricked - Bowser tricks Shy Guy into thinking SuperMarioGlitchy4 ate his toast.
  • Episode 120: Shy Guy and the Playground - Shy Guy builds the first ever Mushroom Kingdom Playground.
  • Episode 121: One Weird Shopping Day - Princess Peach goes shopping and meets Tubbie Wonka there for unclear reasons.
  • Episode 122: Steventures #3: Steve in Love - Steve meets a girl named Serena for the first time and falls in love.
  • Episode 123: Steventures #4: Back to the Future - Future Steve comes to the present and takes Present Steve to the future.
  • Episode 124: SuperMarioGlitchy4 Goes Missing - SuperMarioGlitchy4 is missing from the Mushroom Kingdom. Now it's up to Mario, Shy Guy, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Billy and two new plumbers named Tario and Suigi to find him.
  • Episode 125: Weegees Invasion - A whole bunch of Weegees start attacking the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 126: Chris vs. King Dedede - King Dedede challenges Chris to a battle.
  • Episode 127: Abashed Huntsman - Shy Guy gets captured by The Shy Guy Jaeger and Musthasto must save him.
  • Episode 128: Luigi Helps Out - Smg4 thinks Luigi shouldn't live at Princess Peach's Castle so he tries to prove he's not a really useless plumber and even tries to rescue Princess Peach himself.
  • Episode 129: Steventures #5: Steve the Cat - Steve puts on a cat costume and pretends to be a cat infront of Mario and Shy Guy.
  • Episode 130: The Missing Cheese Pizza - Shy Guy orders Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner, but it suddenly takes too long. Soon, he thinks The Tubby Custard Salesman sneakly took his pizza.
  • Episode 131: Love Duel - Shy Guy falls in love with Goombella, someone he has never met in the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Smg3 plans to make sure Shy Guy is sent away from the Mushroom Kingdom forever.
  • Episode 132: Luigi in Teletubbie Land - Luigi gets trapped in Teletubbie Land. Meanwhile, Shy Guy and Yoshi go to the Toast factory and meet Tubbie Wonka there.
  • Episode 133: Hero of the Machinimists - There's an evil machinimist called OiramOiram678910 and he wants to destroy all machinimist channels. Shy Guy finds out and goes off to defeat him at Bowser's Castle (where the evil machinimist works). Along the way, he meets the never before seen machinimist, ShyGuy12345 and the two set off to defeat OiramOiram678910 and save all machinimist channels. When they get there, it's a 2 vs. 3 battle of Shy Guy and ShyGuy12345 vs. OiramOiram678910, Bowser and Smg3. Who will win and will Shy Guy save all machinimist channels?
  • Episode 134: Caterpillar Worms - Wiggler gets captured by Blowiggler and it's up to Chris to save him.
  • Episode 135: The Pink Purlioner - Mario thinks Kirby took his spaghetti when he sees him eating some.
  • Episode 136: Bowser and Shy Guy - Bowser is tired of Mario always being retarded to him, so he tries to become friends with Shy Guy.
  • Episode 137: The Return of King Boo - It's Halloween night and King Boo is back to scare the living out of everybody.
  • Episode 138: Kicked Out - Mario gets kicked out of the castle once and for all, so Chris decides to try to get him back in there with everyone else.
  • Episode 139: Of Chris and Glory - Chris has to conjour his fears to get Mario back in the castle. Can he do it?
  • Episode 140: Toad's New Videogame - Toad buys a new videogame, only to get Mario really annoyed.
  • Episode 141: Shy Guy's Unexpected Day - Shy Guy gets trapped in a flood and Smg4 has to rescue him.
  • Episode 142: Metal Shy Guy - The flood takes Shy Guy to a secret area near the castle and gets the ability to become Metal.
  • Episode 143: Missing Steve - Steve goes missing and Shy Guy tries to find him.
  • Episode 144: Bowser Party - Since Mario has a Mario Party, Bowser tries to get a Party of his own.
  • Episode 145: Steel Shy Guy: SMG3 creates a robotic clone of Shy Guy called Steel Shy Guy, but it goes on a rampage.


  • In the episode, The Herobrine Strikes Back, there was to be a scene where Wario and Waluigi were teasing on Mario and SuperMarioGlitchy4 for not stopping Herobrine on their first try. This was cut for unknown reasons.
  • In the episode, VampDefunct, Wario makes a reference to "The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Winning Ticket".
  • This is the first season to use the new Sm64 bloopers logo.
    Super Mario 64 Bloopers New Logo

    The new logo

  • This is also to date the season where there were more episodes Steve has the lead role than the first two seasons.
  • This is the only season where Coco plays no role whatsoever.
  • The Dvd Is Gonna Be Released On March 23rd 2017 And Its Gonna Be Released Uncut.