The fourth season of the Super Mario 64 Bloopers (fanon) series.


  • Episode 146: Shy Guy the Plumber - Shy Guy becomes a plumber, but apparently fails to get most of the jobs done.
  • Episode 147: Basilisk Vengeance - DragonSoul532 and Kiddy-the-dragon team up to defeat Shy Guy and friends.
  • Episode 148: Pipe Fitter the Banned - Mario gets kicked out the Mushroom Kingdom after performing chaos and innapropriate behavior.
  • Episode 149: Ruby on Tuesdays - Mario thinks he can find the most rubies on Tuesday's Annual Veterans Day than SuperEmiga.
  • Episode 150: Gullible Plumber - Luigi is put in charge of Princess Peach's Castle while Princess Peach and Mario are gone, but soon learns all of Princess Peach's secrets by Bowser and causes a wreck to the whole castle.
  • Episode 151: Bumper Karts - Crash Kandicoot opens up a Bumper Karts game in the Mushroom Kingdom. Shy Guy tries it out, but soon wines up into trouble.
  • Episode 152: Chain Chomp's New Toy - Shy Guy buys a new toy for Chain Chomp.
  • Episode 153: Kirby Storms Through - Kirby is trapped in a scary thunder storm and must make his way home through it.
  • Episode 154: Toast Foolish - Shy Guy thinks Bowser got some fresh and tasty toast and follows him around so he can get it from him.
  • Episode 155: Unparented - Chris is sent to various adresses for parental care after his home is blown up.
  • Episode 156: Super D - Season 4's Halloween special. Withersoul and Crash Kandicoot accidentally release a spectre who causes havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Yoshi and Luigi must make their way out of Evershade Valley, Boo Forest.  
  • Episode 157: Shy Guy on the Rainbow Road - Shy Guy goes racing with Mario and Luigi on the Rainbow Road.
  • Episode 158: Shy Guy Back in Space - Shy Guy returns to Space Land. Note: This is the sequel to Season 1's Space Battle.
  • Episode 159: Coco VS. The YouTube Rangers Part 1 - When SMG4 makes her mad, Coco tries to kill all the YouTube Rangers.
  • Episode 160: Coco VS. The YouTube Rangers Part 2 - Mario and Luigi have to make a mad dash to try to get the YouTube Rangers to a safe place. However, only one question can be asked - are there any safe places in the Mushroom Kingdom anymore? Only HesperiumMario can answer that question - but where is he?
  • Episode 161: Coco VS. The YouTube Rangers Part 3 - After SMG4's extremely upsetting death, the gang tries to steal a revival potion from SMG3.
  • Episode 162: Trial Again: When Mario and SMG4 are accused of robbery and taken to court, their attorney is none other than...Coco. Can they forgive her for her past sins?
  • Episode 163: Super Twilight 64 - SMG3 and OO12345 are head over HEELS in love with Coco - but who does she like?
  • Episode 164: Super Twilight 64 II - Who's it going to be? Sound the trumpets! It's...well, how exactly are you going to get answers when Coco's fighting people all the time?
  • Episode 165: Go, Minecraft! - Steve and Alex sign up for the Mushroom Kingdom's annual Double Dash. Now, Coco thinks they're in love and is teasing them NONSTOP - oh, and did I mention that they get everyone into a serious fight?
  • Episode 166: %99 Insane - The Magic Rock casts a spell that goes horribly wrong, and Coco goes ballistic.
  • Episode 167: Midnight Preschool - Mario somehow finds himself in the animated Minecraft world with SMG4 - as subsitute teachers for a preschool!
  • Episode 168: Love in Their Lonely Lives (Part 1) - Oh crap, Coco doesn't have a date for the Moonlight Ball! OO12345 and SMG4 immediately try to get her attention, with SMG4 getting help from Bowser. It seems like he's going to be left in the dust, but a lot can happen in one night, and one will be lucky in love, and the other was leave the ball with a broken heart.
  • Episode 169: Love in Their Lonely Lives (Part 2) - At the Moonlight Ball, things heat up between OO12345 and SMG3 and PhotoSwap899 discovers a startling secret that changes everything.
  • Episode 170: Love in Their Lonely Lives (Part 3) - A new evil is unleashed on the ball, and SMG3 and OO12345 must work as a team to defeat it.
  • Episode 171: NO GOD PLEASE NO - Coco pulls a mean prank on everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, but...oh no, it's been fined $1,000,000,000!
  • Episode 172: Screw my life. - Somehow, everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom gets fused together, and life is screwed up. Well, at least PS899's keeping things positive between himself and Trash Kandicoot...but for everyone else, their lives are screwed.
  • Episode 173: Coco and the Eternal Evil Club - Coco tries to get into the Eternal Evil Club by doing something truly malicious - so malicious, in fact, that the whole Mushroom Kingdom finds itself trying to withstand a zombie apocalypse.
  • Episode 174: Chris and the Queen of Mean - A tree falls on Chris's house. Until he can get his house fixed, he has to live with Coco for two months. There, Chris learns three things - how to stand up for himself, why Coco is the way she is, and how to drive an airplane.
  • Episode 175: Iman and Idiote Come To Town - A bunch of high-tech gadgets - such as Bowser's clown car, SMG4's computer, and Mario's Super Spaghetti Maker 3000 (which he purchased from eBay) - disappear from the Mushroom Kingdom. Where did they go? Time to find out.
  • Episode 176: Mutation Sensation - Coco "borrows" Iman and Idiote's unfinished serum, Chemical P, and "accidentally" mutates everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, giving her an army of mutated Toads. :O How can we stop this?
  • Episode 177: Cash Crash - The Mushroom Kingdom's economy has fallen apart because of DJ Octavio buying too many wasabi sticks in the Bira-Buto Kingdom (goddammit, you stupid DJ!) so now Mario, Luigi, SMG4, PS899, and *sigh* DJ you-know-who have to raise money. Problem? Stupid DJ gets in the way of everything!
  • Episode 178: Thriller Night - It's Spooky Day! No, that's not Halloween, it's Spooky Day, Billy, you moron! And Coco's opened up a haunted house - with real zombies! Wait, real? OH CRAP!
  • Episode 179: Two...decent...friends - Time to go snowboarding! No, wait, SMG3, watch for the tree- Oh, crud. Well, looks like he's in the hospital with brain damage and only OO12345 to keep him company.
  • Episode 180: C-Rap - Mario becomes addicted to C-Rap's music.
  • Episode 181: Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: The Twilight Forest - Coco travels to the Twilight Forest for her next scheme. Mario, SMG4, Steve, Alex, Kirby, and Chris must get through this danger zone and defeat the bosses that plague this dimension so they can stop her.
  • Episode 182: Alex's Choice - Alex struggles with maintaining her friendships, and SMG3 plans something sinister with the help of Bowser.
  • Episode 183: The Final Strife - Continuing on from the events of the previous episode, Alex decides to save her friends and stop SMG3.
  • Episode 184: Happy Home Derpsigner: Castle Hunters - Ally, a villager working at Nook's Homes helps Peach relocate and find a new home after a disaster occurs having to do with SMG3 and cargo bombs that leaves the old castle as a smoking crater...

Dvd Releases

Fanon SMG4 Bloopers: The Complete Fourth Season (Release: March 24th 2017)