Season 5 is the fifth season of the Super Mario 64 Bloopers Fanon series.


  • Episode 185: Kirby Tries His Best - Kirby wants to get a job at Pinna Park, so he gets Shy Guy's help.
  • Episode 186: Wario and Waluigi Get Trapped - Wario and Waluigi get locked inside the trunk of SwagTubbie's car.
  • Episode 187: Yoshi and the Painting - Yoshi hopes that Shy Guy will paint a picture of him.
  • Episode 188: No More Mr. Nice Toad - Toad has had enough of Bowser's tricks and finally gets back at him by getting mud all over him.
  • Episode 189: Donkey Kong's Treasure - Donkey Kong tries to protect his treasure from thieves like Wario and Waluigi.
  • Episode 190: Splatter Up! - The gang gets sucked into Splatoon and must avoid becoming octopus food.
  • Episode 191: The Coco Love Triangle - PS899 learns that SMG3 and OO12345 are caught in a love triangle, with both of them loving the same girl.
  • Episode 192: Doomsday - Coco meets Trash Kandicoot in a dumpster, and learns he wants to take over the world. She offers to help him with his world domination. The two slowly mind-control the others. Since Mario and SMG4 are locked in prison, who will save the Mushroom Kingdom from Trash's reign?
  • Episode 193: Rainbow Dash and the Great Race - Rainbow Dash decides to enter a race against Sonic the Hedgehog, Captain Falcon, Swagmaster, and Shy Guy. Will she be able to win the race?
  • Episode 194: SpongeBob SquarePINGAS: Plankton's Robotic PINGAS Revenge - SpongeBob goes to the Krusty Krab one day to find that Plankton has stolen the Krabby Patty recipe using an Eggrobo that he stole from Dr. Robotnik. Now, SpongeBob must get it back with the help of a certain blue hedgehog.
  • Episode 195: SM64 characters: Meet the Coco - Ever wanted to know more (or less) about our cast? Then come along! Today, we shall observe the crazy psychopath- ACK! Uh, I mean, super villainess that is Coco! Help...
  • Episode 196: Murder Mystery - Mario must find out who "killed" Coco.
  • Episode 197: Flying - Mario teaches himself to fly.
  • Episode 198: The Lockdown - Coco breaks into Mushroom Academy and causes an insane lockdown.
  • Episode 199: Diddy's Nightmare - Diddy Kong has a nightmare about his bananas being stolen.
  • Episode 200: The Wacky Wario Bros.: Microgame Emporium - Wario introduces Waluigi to his Microgame Emporium (AKA WarioWare Inc.) and has him make some microgames to become hired.
  • Episode 201: Tubbie TV 2: Tubbie Live! - The Teletubbies take over Mario's house again, but this time have him watch a musical based on their show.
  • Episode 202: Hospitality - After getting into an accident, Steve tries to take advantage of Dr. Robotnik's hospitality by staying at his laboratory.
  • Episode 203: SM64 Characters: Meet the Chica - Ever wanted to know more (or less) about our cast? Then come along! Today, we'll be taking a look at the pizza-obsessed chicken animatronic, Chica!
  • Episode 204: Sonic the Derphog: Knuckles's Birthday - Sonic and Dr. Robotnik decide to celebrate Knuckles's birthday.
  • Episode 205: Three Retarded Plumbers and a Baby - Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 get their hands full when Coco is turned into a baby.
  • Episode 206: Guards N' Retards: Vacation - Swagmaster and Chris get to take a vacation off from work when Sergeant Mark is sick.
  • Episode 207: Yoshi's Derp Island: Five Nights at Yoshi's - Yoshi decides to apply for a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
  • Episode 208: Down With Pete the Piranha! - Pete the Piranha is abused by his owner and best friend Jimmy, forcing Pete to move out.
  • Episode 209: Attack of the Pootis Birds - A group of deformed flying Heavys attack the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 210: SwagQuest 2: The Search for Doritos - Luigi teams up with Toadwardo to find a bag of Doritos.
  • Episode 211: Ssenmodnar: Robotnik Edition - Dr. Robotnik attempts to create his own Ssenmodnar show.
  • Episode 212: Cooking with Luigi and Bowser Jr. - Luigi and Bowser Jr. start their own cooking series, with many crazy mishaps occurring!
  • Episode 213: Super Pokeman 64: Derpachu! - Mario meets a derpy version of Pikachu.
  • Episode 214: Retarded64: Super Tubbie Maker - The Retarded Spaghetti Factory creates a video game where you can create your own Teletubbies adventures.
  • Episode 215: Cooking With Luigi And Bowser Jr. 2: Cooking Up Fun - The hilarious duo tries their luck again at cooking, but Coco's having nothing of it.
  • Episode 216: Under The Sea - Coco attempts to get rid of Mario and SMG4 by stuffing them in a bag and tossing them into the ocean, where they, with accidental help from Bowser, find the mermaid city of Atlantis.
  • Episode 217: Ssenmodnar: BATCRAP INSANE EDITION! - When the special Randomness Stone that contains all randomness is shattered, the Mushroom Kingdom...well, one word: randomness.
  • Episode 218: Hippo Island - Even though the WoopWoop Kingdom went TERRIBLY, Peach found a nice island in the South Pacific to make nice with. Only problem? It's run by a guy that has a bigger appetite than Yoshi or even Kirby.
  • Episode 219: Pinkie Pie's Sweet Dream - Pinkie Pie has a dream about plenty of sugary sweets and candies.
  • Episode 220: Are You Ready For Some Pootball? - Heavy mandates a football game between Mario's team, consisting of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Shy Guy, and SMG4, and SMG3's team, consisting of SMG3, Bowser, Po, Dr. Robotnik, and Bowser Jr. But when Coco intervenes, the two teams must work together to stop her.
  • Episode 221: Retarded64: Amiibo Adventure - Mario gets his hands on an Amiibo, and proceeds to play a game with it.
  • Episode 222: Shells and Race-tards - The gang prepares to have a race around Isle Delfino, but Coco threatens to ruin it for everybody.
  • Episode 223: Yoshi's Derp Island: Search for the Golden Apple - Yoshi learns of a magical apple, and goes looking for it.
  • Episode 224: Cooking with Coco and the Villager - These two psychopaths, cooking??? Well, we're screwed. RUN FROM THE EVIL OVEN!
  • Episode 225: The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Million Dollar Emerald - Wario and Waluigi attempt to steal an ancient emerald worth a fortune from the museum...but Coco's beat them to it. Watch the epic car chase!
  • Episode 226: DerpTV: Girlfriends in the Wild With Coco - Coco introduces you to a sub-species of the Retardian, the Girlfriend!
  • Episode 227: Guards N' Retards: Chris Jr. - Chris brings his son to the spaghetti factory, and Swag gets jealous of him.
  • Episode 228: Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Steve Universe - Steve goes to the local planetarium and learns that there is a planet where everyone is a chicken.
  • Episode 229: Freddy Gets Robbed! - Freddy Fazbear loses his money to a mysterious thief who looks like Nabbit.
  • Episode 230: Ssenmodnar: Xtreme Edition - Funky Kong decides to host his own version of Ssenmodnar, filled with many extreme stunts.
  • Episode 231: Guards and Retards: YOU'RE FIRED! - After Coco breaks into the spaghetti factory, Chris and Swag are fired.
  • Episode 232: Cooking with Shy Guy and Dr. Robotnik - It's time to make some delicious PINGAS Bread sandwiches with this wacky food-obsessed duo!
  • Episode 233: Starman3's Return - After a long absence, Starman3 returns to the castle. But how will he react to how things have changed since he was gone.
  • Episode 234: Retarded64: Shy Guy Simulator - Thanks to the success of Mario Simulator and Princess Capturing Simulator, Shy Guy makes his own simulator-type game featuring plenty of toast.


  • This season premiered in Early 2015.
  • The Dvd Was Released On March 25th 2017.

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